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Mini water pump, also known as ultra mini water pump, is a small and lightweight water pump. It usually transports small flow liquids, which can circulate, transport, or pressurize the liquid, converting mechanical energy into kinetic energy of the liquid, thereby achieving the purpose of pumping the liquid. Mini water pumps generally consist of a driving part and a pump body. There are two interfaces on the pump body, one inlet and one outlet. Water enters from the inlet and outlet. Mini water pumps are generally small in size, lightweight, anti-interference, have a long service life, and can withstand high temperatures (100 degrees). Due to its compact structure and efficient performance, mini water pumps have been widely used in many fields, such as industrial automation, agricultural irrigation, medical equipment, scientific research experiments, household appliances, etc. Mini water pumps typically have DC voltages of 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, etc.

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  1. R & D, design and production of mini water pump

  2. How does the mini water pump work?

  3. Application scope of mini water pump

  4. How to Choose a Mini Water Pump?

  5. Characteristics of mini brushless water pump

  6. Difference between mini water pump and large water pump

R & D, design and production of mini water pump

Guangdong Shenpeng Technology Co., Ltd. was found in 2012 and is specialized in brush-less DC water pumps. As a global BLDC water pump solutions specialist, it integrates R&D, manufacture with sales.The products are mainly applied to New-energy vehicle, mattress, home appliance (water heater, dish washer, coffee machine, water dispenser), smart toilet, cosmetic/medical equipment, machine tool equipment, air conditioning base station, PC, LED cooling system etc.

Shenpeng was the earliest company that managed to produce the brushless DC water pumps. It is located in Changping, Dongguan and covers an area of 12000㎡. With an in-house CNAS standard laboratory, 300-thousand-grade dust-free workshop and 10 professional production lines. The annual production capacity is more than 5 million sets of water pumps and it is one of the largest manufacturer of BLDC water pump in China. It won many honorable titles such as High-tech Enterprise, Multiplication Enterprise etc.

How does the mini water pump work?

Mini water pump is mainly used to transport water, oil, acid-base liquid, emulsion, liquid metal and other liquids, as well as liquid, gas mixture and liquid containing suspended solids. According to the working principle, it is divided into: mini centrifugal pump, mini pneumatic diaphragm pump, mini gear pump and mini vacuum pump. According to the type of motor, it is divided into brush mini water pump and brushless mini water pump.

1. Working principle of mini centrifugal pump.

mini water pump

The working principle of mini centrifugal pump is to make the liquid centrifugal movement by rotating the impeller. Before starting the pump, the pump shell and liquid pipe must be filled, and then start the motor to make the pump shaft drive the impeller and liquid to make high-speed rotary movement. The liquid has centrifugal movement, is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller, and flows into the pressure liquid pipeline of the pump through the flow channel of the volute pump shell. Its power consumption is directly proportional to the actual flow of the centrifugal pump.Mini centrifugal pumps have a compact structure, small volume, and are easy to carry and move, widely used in various fields.

2. Working principle of mini pneumatic diaphragm pump.

The working principle of the mini pneumatic diaphragm pump is that the motor drives the oscillation of the eccentric wheel and connecting rod, so as to drive the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm and form a complete air extraction motion with the valve plate of the inlet and outlet holes. When the pneumatic diaphragm pump works, in order to prevent the movable column from directly contacting the corrosive material liquid, separate the cylinder cavity from the liquid material with the diaphragm, which is also the principle of the reciprocating pump in essence.The advantage of a small pneumatic diaphragm pump is that its working principle is simple and reliable. Due to its simple internal structure, maintenance is very convenient. In addition, due to its good sealing performance, it can transport various media and has good corrosion resistance.

3. Working principle of mini gear pump.

The working principle of mini gear pump is composed of two gears meshing with each other. The teeth of the two gears are separated from each other to form a low pressure. The liquid is sucked in and sent to the other side from the shell wall. The two gears on the other side close together to form a high pressure to discharge the liquid. It relies on the volume change of the meshing space of the gear teeth to transport liquid. It belongs to rotary pump or positive displacement pump.The mini gear pump mainly consists of a pump body, a driving gear, and a driven gear. Mini gear pumps are widely used in many fields, such as medical devices, chemicals, food processing, environmental protection, etc

4. Working principle of mini vacuum pump.

The working principle of the mini vacuum pump is the circular motion of the motor, which makes the internal barrier of the pump do reciprocating motion through mechanical equipment, so as to compress and stretch the air in the fixed volume pump cavity to form a vacuum (negative pressure). There is a pressure difference between the pump suction port and the external atmospheric pressure. Under the effect of the pressure difference, the gas is pressed (sucked) into the pump cavity and then discharged from the exhaust port.

Application scope of mini water pump

1. The application of mini water pumps in the automotive industry

The mini water pump is used for cold starting of car engines below minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter, circulating heat dissipation of fuel engine antifreeze at high temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius, and water circulating heat dissipation of electric vehicles and motorcycles.

2. The application of mini water pumps in the food industry

Mini water pumps are mainly used for dishwashers, coffee pots, water dispensers, and pump casings. Special food grade high-temperature resistant materials can be selected. The water pump can work continuously and normally for over 100 degrees. It can reach food grade.

3. The application of mini water pumps in household products

Mini water pumps are used in water heating mattresses, computer water cooling systems, etc; The DC brushless water pump has the characteristics of low noise, long service life, and good boosting effect, which can fully meet the above requirements.

4. The application of mini water pumps in mechanical equipment and chemical industry

Mini water pumps are applied in industries such as machine tool equipment water circulation heat dissipation, chiller unit circulation heat dissipation, and sewage purification treatment.

5. Application of mini water pumps in solar photovoltaic energy products

Mini solar water pumps are directly driven by solar panels. Solar water pumps have three functions

(1) Energy saving, 35% more energy-efficient than ordinary DC brushed water pumps

(2) Soft start function, can start normally within 10000

(3) Setting overvoltage protection function is very convenient.

How to Choose a Mini Water Pump?  

There are many kinds and brands of mini water pumps produced on the market, and the product quality is also different. Some can only be used for a few months, and some have liquid leakage, high noise and other phenomena. In order to avoid these problems, let's teach you how to choose a mini water pumps now.

1. Select the large factories with good reputation in the industry, and then investigate the manufacturers of mni water pumps. For example, Dongguan Shenpeng Electronics Co., Ltd. can not only send samples for testing, but also carry out customized development according to customer needs.                    small water pump - b&q

2. Determine the working voltage, current, head, flow, diameter, volume, shape requirements, ambient temperature requirements, speed regulation function, etc. of the mini water pump.

3. Whether there is a demand for media characteristics:

(1) For pumps conveying flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media, reliable shaft seal or leak free pump is required, such as magnetic drive pump (isolated magnetic indirect drive without shaft seal).

(2) For the pump conveying corrosive medium, the convection parts are required to adopt corrosion-resistant materials, such as fluoroplastic corrosion-resistant pump.

(3) For the pump conveying medium containing solid particles, the convection parts are required to be made of wear-resistant materials, and the shaft seal shall be washed with clean liquid when necessary.

4. The mechanical aspect requires high reliability, low noise and low vibration.

5. Pressure bearing requirements, such as those connected with water pipes, must have pressure bearing requirements. According to different countries, the pressure of water pipes is different, and the pressure bearing requirements are also different.

In short, before purchasing, we must do market research in the early stage, select powerful manufacturers, and finally provide samples for relevant tests, so that the product quality can be guaranteed.

Characteristics of mini brushless water pump

Mini brushless water pump is an efficient, low noise, and long-life water pump widely used in various fields, such as industrial automation, agricultural irrigation, environmental protection equipment, etc. Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to the characteristics of mini brushless water pumps.

1、 Efficient and energy-saving. The mini brushless water pump adopts advanced brushless motor technology, which has the advantages of high efficiency and energy conservation. Compared with traditional brushed motors, brushless motors have higher efficiency and lower energy consumption, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

2、 Low noise. The mini brushless water pump has extremely low noise during operation, and the pump shaft adopts high-performance ceramic shaft, which has high accuracy and good seismic performance. The noise level is below 25 decibels, and even lower power levels can reach below 20 decibels without generating noise pollution, meeting environmental protection requirements. At the same time, low noise also helps to improve the comfort of equipment use, suitable for various environments that require quiet operation.

3、 Long lifespan. The mini brushless water pump adopts high-quality materials and manufacturing technology, which has a long service life. Its brushless motor and sealing structure are specially designed to resist the impact of harsh environments and ensure long-term stable operation.

4、 Easy to maintain. The mini brushless water pump has a simple structure and is easy to maintain. Users only need to regularly inspect and replace vulnerable parts, such as bearings, seals, etc., to maintain the good operation status of the equipment. In addition, the maintenance cost of brushless motors is relatively low.

5、 Can dive. The stator and circuit board of the motor are sealed with epoxy resin, completely isolated from the rotor, solving the problem of water leakage caused by long-term submergence of the motor DC pump. It can be installed underwater and completely waterproof.

6、 Customizable. The water pumps produced by Shenpeng can be customized according to customer requirements, with a multifunctional design that can be used for diving or placed outdoors (installed below the liquid level) to meet the different needs of manufacturers.

7、 Widely used. Mini brushless water pumps are suitable for various occasions that require the transportation of liquids or gases, such as industrial automation equipment, agricultural irrigation systems, environmental protection equipment, etc. Its compact structure and lightweight make it suitable for both mobile and portable devices.

In summary, mini brushless water pumps have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation, low noise, long service life, easy maintenance, and wide application, making them excellent fluid conveying equipment. In the future development, with the continuous progress and innovation of technology, the application fields of mini brushless water pumps will be more extensive, and their performance will also be more excellent.

Common faults and maintenance of miniature water pump?

Mini water pump has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, long service life and low power. It is deeply loved by users, so it has a very wide range of applications. However, in the process of use, there will be some faults. How can we repair these faults. Now I would like to share with you the causes and maintenance methods of the frequent failures of the mini water pump:

1. Mini water pump fails to start normally

(1) If the circuit is disconnected due to power failure, it may be the problem of the fuse, which needs to be replaced. It may also be the broken wire or poor contact, which needs to be repaired.

(2) If the stator winding is damaged or the switch is in poor contact, repair or replace it.

2. Mini water pump shaft does not rotate

(1) It may be that the pump shaft is blocked and the blockage needs to be removed,

(2) It is also possible that the pump shaft and bearing are worn and need to be repaired or replaced.

(3) It may also be that the impeller collides with adjacent parts, and the clearance needs to be adjusted.

3. No water flows out of the mini water pump

(1) It may be that the water diversion is insufficient, and the bottom valve needs to be repaired to prevent water leakage. Or increase sufficient water diversion.

(2) It is possible that the water inlet pipe is leaking. It is necessary to tighten the fasteners or replace the leaking parts.

(3) It may be that the impeller rotates incorrectly. It is necessary to adjust the motor pipeline.

(4) The suction stroke may be too high, so it is necessary to reduce the suction stroke.

(5) The impeller may be damaged and needs to be replaced.

(6) It may also be that the bottom valve or pipe is blocked, and the blockage shall be removed.

4. Insufficient flow of mini water pump

(1) It may be that the pump head is too high and needs to be reduced.

(2) It may be that the water pump pipe is blocked and the blockage needs to be removed.

(3) The pump impeller port may be worn or damaged, and the pump impeller needs to be replaced.

(4) If the bottom valve is stuck and cannot be fully opened, the bottom valve needs to be repaired and fully opened.

5. Excessive power consumption of mini water pump

(1) The pump shaft may be bent and needs to be straightened or replaced.

(2) It may be that there is a blockage blocking the impeller in the water pump. It is necessary to remove and clean the water pump.

(3) It may be that the rotating parts have friction, which needs to be eliminated.

6. Vibration and noise of mini water pump

(1) It may be that the fastener is loose, and the fastener needs to be tightened.

(2) The pump shaft may be bent and needs to be repaired.

(3) The bearing or impeller may be worn, and the bearing or impeller needs to be replaced.

7. Mini water pump motor overheating

(1) The voltage may be too low, so it is necessary to adjust the appropriate voltage.

(2) It is possible that the centrifugal switch contacts are stuck or damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.

(3) It may be that the wire is too thin, so it is necessary to increase the appropriate wire number to avoid overheating and burnout of the mini water pump.

Classification of mini water pumps

Mini water pump is a small and lightweight water pump widely used in various fields, such as household, industrial, agricultural, medical, household appliances, etc. Due to its wide application, there are relatively more classifications of mini water pumps.

1、 Classified by purpose

Household mini water pump: mainly used for household water use, cleaning, irrigation, etc., with small size, light weight, low noise, and convenient portability.

Industrial mini water pump: mainly used for liquid transportation, circulation, pressurization, etc. in industrial production processes, with high head, large flow rate, high efficiency and other characteristics.

Agricultural mini water pump: mainly used for agricultural irrigation, aquaculture, cleaning, etc., requiring high flow rate, moderate head, and high reliability.

Medical mini water pump: mainly used for cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment and instruments, requiring sterility, no leakage, and no toxicity.

2、 Classified by working principle

Vane pump: uses rotating blades to suck in and out liquids, suitable for conveying liquids containing solid particles.

Positive displacement pump: It uses the change in volume to transport liquids, and there are two types: reciprocating and rotary, suitable for high head and high pressure situations.

Electromagnetic pump: uses electromagnetic force to suck in and discharge liquids, suitable for low head and small flow situations.

3、 Classified by structure

Single stage pump: With only one impeller, suitable for low head applications.

Multi stage pump: composed of multiple impellers in series, suitable for high head situations.

Submersible pump: Integrating the pump and motor together, suitable for underwater work.

4、 Classified by power source

AC miniature water pump: driven by AC power, suitable for household and industrial applications.

DC miniature water pump: driven by DC power supply, suitable for mobile devices and emergency power supply situations.

Solar powered mini water pump: driven by solar cells, suitable for use in areas without power supply.

The above is the main classification of mini water pumps, and different classification methods can adapt to different application needs. When choosing a mini water pump, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type and model based on the specific usage situation and requirements.

How to purchase a mini water pump and precautions

Mini water pump is a device widely used in various occasions, such as home, industry, agriculture, etc. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, and easy portability, so it is favored by many people. However, when purchasing a mini water pump, it is important to pay attention to some issues to ensure that you have selected a pump that is suitable for your own use.

1、 Determine the purpose

Before purchasing a mini water pump, it is important to first clarify your intended use. For example, used for household cleaning, horticultural irrigation, industrial cooling, etc. Different uses require different pump performance parameters, so it is necessary to choose a pump that is suitable for your own use.

2、 Choose a brand

Choosing a well-known brand of water pump can ensure product quality and after-sales service. At the same time, it is important to check the quality certification and inspection reports of the product to ensure the purchase of legitimate water pumps.

3、 Pay attention to performance parameters

When purchasing a mini water pump, attention should be paid to its performance parameters, such as flow rate, head, power, etc. These parameters need to be determined based on their own usage to ensure that the water pump can meet their own usage needs.

4、 View appearance quality

When purchasing a mini water pump, attention should be paid to its appearance quality. Check whether the surface of the water pump is flat, smooth, and free from cracks, deformations, and other phenomena. At the same time, pay attention to checking whether the interface of the water pump is firm and whether the seal is good.

5、 Understand after-sales service

When purchasing a mini water pump, it is necessary to understand the manufacturer's after-sales service policy. Generally speaking, legitimate manufacturers will provide a certain warranty period and repair services to ensure that problems can be resolved in a timely manner during use.

In short, when purchasing a mini water pump, it is important to pay attention to the above issues to ensure that you choose a suitable water pump for your own use. Meanwhile, attention should also be paid to maintenance and upkeep during use to extend the service life of the water pump.

Difference between mini water pump and large water pump

The large and medium-sized pumps used in industry, mining, municipal administration and large-scale water conservancy facilities are quite different from the mini water pumps used in scientific research, environmental protection, small water treatment and medical treatment in terms of object-oriented, pump parameters and application occasions. The details are as follows:

Large water pumps are required to work under the rated load. Exceeding or less than the rated load is not good and may be damaged.

The mini water pump has no rated load, because in actual use, the load is different and the performance. The output pressure and flow are also different. There are mainly two peak parameters:

(1) opening flow: it refers to that the water outlet of the water pump has no output head or pressure or is not connected to the negative pressure of the spray gun valve. The maximum flow that the pump can output under load.

(2) maximum pressure: it can be reached by the pump at the moment when the pump outlet is close to blocking or blocking Maximum pressure.

These two peak parameters cannot be reached at the same time, because the flow and pressure show a similar inverse relationship.The volume will decrease with the increase of pressure. The extreme case is that the pump is blocked, the pressure is the maximum, and the flow is 0; perhaps When the flow is maximum, the pressure is 0.


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