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Application of 12v micro water pump in water boiler

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Water is the first of all things and the source of life. Obtaining healthy drinking water has always been a major problem that plagues all countries, especially in countries with serious pollution. It is even more difficult to obtain healthy drinking water. As a major issue of national economy and people’s livelihood, my country It is also focused on this issue. In cities, domestic water is supplied uniformly by the water company, filtered through layers, and finally delivered to us. Although the tap water is filtered through layers to reach a certain standard, there is still a lot of water in the water. Microorganisms, as well as additives such as bleaching powder, etc. For the sake of health, most public drinking areas will install water boilers, especially those who like to drink tea or coffee.

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A water boiler, also called a water boiler, an electric water boiler, or commonly known as a "water boiler", is a water boiler designed to adapt to the drinking water needs of different people. Most of them are given to places where you like coffee or tea, so you can get hot water at any time. When people are taking boiled water, have you ever encountered it? After pressing it to open, you can’t get out for a long time. This is because the water pressure is not enough, so most of the water boilers need to install a water pump to pressurize the water. The pressure energy can be taken at any time.

Most of the water heater manufacturers directly choose Shenpeng 12v micro water pump, and there are too many benefits to choose 12v micro water pump.

First of all, there is a safety issue. The 12v micro water pump uses 12v direct current. The 12v voltage is within the acceptable range of the human body. Even if the leakage is not dangerous to the human body, if the alternating current is selected, a little leakage will cause fatal harm to the human body.

Secondly, the service life is long. The 12v micro water pump uses a brushless water pump because there is no carbon brush, so the service life is longer.

Once again, Shenpeng 12v micro water pump is made of high temperature resistant and food-grade materials, which is harmless to the human body.

Finally, Shenpeng's 12v miniature water pump has strong pressure and can deliver water within seconds without waiting.

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