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DC water pump

The small dc water pump is a machine for conveying or pressurizing liquid. When the water pump works, the coil and commutator rotate, the magnetic steel and carbon brush do not rotate, and the alternating change of coil current direction is completed with the commutator and brush of the motor. The small dc water pump adopts the water pump powered by DC power supply, and the commonly used voltages are 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, etc,DC water pumps are divided into: brushless DC water pump and brushless DC water pump.

Small dc water pumps are widely used in new energy vehicles, intelligent toilets, water heaters, chillers, water heating mattresses, air conditioning drainage, coffee machines, humidifiers, washing machines and other household appliances.

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  1. R & D, design and production of DC water pump

  2. Working principle of DC water pump

  3. Working Principle of Brushless DC water pump?

  4. Application field of DC water pump

  5. How to Choose a DC Water Pump?

  6. Characteristics of DC brushless water pump

  7. Precautions for use of DC water pump

  8. Type of DC submersible pump

  9. Difference between brushless motor and brushless motor

R & D, design and production of DC water pump

Dongguan Shenpeng Electronics Co., Ltd was found in 2012 and is specialized in brush-less DC water pumps. As a global BLDC water pump solutions specialist, it integrates R&D, manufacture with sales.The products are mainly applied to New-energy vehicle, mattress, home appliance (water heater, dish washer, coffee machine, water dispenser), smart toilet, cosmetic/medical equipment, machine tool equipment, air conditioning base station, PC, LED cooling system, aquarium etc.

Shenpeng was the earliest company that managed to produce the brushless DC water pumps. It is located in Changping, Dongguan and covers an area of 18000㎡. With an in-house CNAS standard laboratory, 300-thousand-grade dust-free workshop and 10 professional production lines. The annual production capacity is more than 5 million sets of water pumps and it is one of the largest manufacturer of BLDC water pump in China. It won many honorable titles such as High-tech Enterprise, Multiplication Enterprise etc.

Working principle of DC water pump?

The working principle of small dc water pump is that after the water pump is turned on, the impeller rotates at a high speed in the pump body (the pump body should be filled with liquid before the water pump is turned on). The liquid in the pump body rotates with the impeller. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown out by the impeller at the outlet, and the speed of the thrown liquid gradually slows down in the diffusion chamber of the pump body. After the liquid is thrown out, a vacuum low-pressure area is formed at the center of the impeller, The liquid flows into the tank under the action of atmospheric pressure. The volume of the diffusion chamber of the pump body is fixed. With the increase of the thrown liquid, the pressure also increases gradually, and finally is discharged from the outlet of the water pump. In this way, the liquid is continuously sucked up from the liquid pool, and then continuously discharged from the outlet of the water pump.

Working Principle of Brushless DC water pump?

Brushless DC water pump is a kind of permanent magnet synchronous motor, but not a real DC motor. Brushless DC water pump does not use mechanical brush device, adopts square wave self-control permanent magnet synchronous motor, replaces carbon brush commutator with Hall sensor, and takes neodymium iron boron as permanent magnet material of rotor. It has great advantages over general traditional DC motor in performance, and is the most ideal energy-saving brushless DC water pump today.

Application field of DC water pump

DC water pump is widely used in automobile industry, water heater, intelligent toilet, dishwasher, water heating mattress, coffee machine, industrial chiller, laser machine, printer, air conditioning equipment, computer, washing machine, medical and beauty equipment, humidifier, floor sweeper, drinking machine, soilless cultivation, aquarium, solar fountain and so on.

Automobile industry

It is used for cold starting of automobile engine below minus 40 degrees in winter, circulating heat dissipation of fuel engine at 120 degrees high temperature, and water circulating heat dissipation of new energy vehicles, new energy buses, new energy trucks, electric motorcycles and fuel cells.

Household appliances and sanitary products

It is used for intelligent toilet, water heater, water heating mattress, computer water cooling system, air conditioning drainage, washing machine, etc. DC brushless water pump has the characteristics of low noise, long service life, small volume, good pressurization and circulation effect, and can fully meet the needs of household appliances and sanitary products.

Food industry

It is mainly used for dishwashers, coffee machines, water dispensers, ice makers, slow cookers, etc. the shell of the water pump can be made of special food grade high temperature resistant materials, and the water pump can work normally for more than 24 hours.

Solar photovoltaic energy products

DC water pump solar is to directly drive the water pump with solar panels. 12v dc water pump solar  has three functions: 

(1) energy saving, which is 35% more energy-saving than ordinary DC brush water pump. 

(2) Soft start function, which can be started normally within 1W. 

(3) It is convenient to set the overvoltage protection function.

Mechanical equipment and chemical industry

Machine tool equipment water circulation heat dissipation, chiller water circulation heat dissipation, laser water circulation heat dissipation, sewage purification and other industries.

How to Choose a DC Water Pump?

There are many kinds of DC pumps on the market, but not every DC pump is suitable for you, because different pumps have different working voltage, size, import and export form and direction, different working performance, working environment conditions, etc. Therefore, when you choose the DC pump, you should choose from these aspects.

1. Working voltage

DC water pumps include 3v, 5v, 6v, 12v, 36v, 24v, 48v and other DC water pumps with different rated voltages. The lower the rated voltage, the smaller the corresponding pump performance. If you want to buy pet water pump or desktop fountain water pump, we suggest you choose the water pump with rated voltage of 3-6V. If the DC water pump you need to purchase is installed in household appliances (computers, air conditioners, water heaters, water heating mattresses), and sanitary products (intelligent toilets), we recommend you choose 24v or 12V DC water pumps. If you use it on a vehicle or motorcycle, we recommend that you choose an electric water pump with a rated voltage of 12V or 24V. If you are installed on the chiller for use, we recommend that you choose a DC water pump with a voltage of 24v or 48v.

2. Lift

The maximum head of the DC pump generally refers to the static head without water flow when pumping water to the maximum head. If it is necessary to pump water to a certain height and maintain a certain flow, the required lift must be higher than the specified pumping height. Generally speaking, when selecting the model, it is necessary to increase the head to about 5%~10% of the margin.

3. Water flow

Flow is one of the important performance data of pump selection, which directly affects the pumping performance of the entire pump application system. Therefore, when selecting the DC pump, the maximum flow shall be taken as the basis and the normal flow shall be considered. When there is no maximum flow, 1.1 times of the normal flow can usually be taken as the maximum flow of the DC pump.

4. Working environment

If the environment used by the small DC water pump requires diving, such as in the aquarium and fish tank, the DC submersible pump that can be used as the submersible pump must be selected. If the ambient temperature and working fluid temperature you need to use are very high, such as solar water heater, automobile engine heat dissipation, electric vehicle battery heat dissipation and other high water temperature environments, you must choose a small electric DC pump that can withstand high temperatures. For example, the solar water heater should select a water pump with a maximum operating temperature of 100 ℃, and the fuel cell cooling system of new energy vehicles should select an electric water pump with a maximum operating temperature of 180 ℃.

5. Size of water inlet and outlet, product size

When you choose a DC water pump for household appliances, sanitary products or water circulation systems, you should choose a water pump with an appropriate external size. It is convenient for you to have enough space to install the DC water pump when designing the product. If the remaining space of the pump is very compact, we recommend that you choose a brushless DC pump with higher efficiency and smaller volume instead of a brush DC pump with the same working performance. The direction and shape of the water pump inlet and outlet should also suit the direction and joint form of your piping system. For example, the inlet and outlet directions of pumps used on water heaters are usually in-line and threaded. In this case, you should choose 12v, 24v in-line pumps, which have 1/2 ″ or 3/4 ″ threaded inlets and outlets.

Characteristics of DC brushless water pump

1. Long service life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability and stable operation.

2. No carbon brush, no pollution, electronic commutation, long service life.

3. The stator and circuit board of the motor are sealed with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which solves the leakage problem caused by long-term diving of the motor DC water pump. It can be installed underwater and completely waterproof.

4. The parameters of the water pump can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements. The 24V water pump can adjust the lift of 2m or 7m. The volume remains unchanged and can operate under wide voltage.

5. The axis of the water pump adopts high-performance ceramic shaft (stainless steel shaft can be selected to reduce the cost), with high precision and good wear resistance. Due to the precise cooperation between the high-precision shaft sleeve and the ceramic shaft (other materials can be changed to reduce the cost), the noise is low, and the noise with lower power can even reach below 25 dB.

6. The three-phase non hall program driven DC water pump in the water pump series can realize PWM speed regulation, analog signal (0 ~ 5V) speed regulation and potentiometer VR manual speed regulation. In this way, the flow and head can be adjusted and the music fountain can be customized.

7. The three-phase DC water pump in the water pump is soft start, no impact, low starting power consumption, the circuit board is completely separated from the pump body, there are no electronic components in the pump body, the pump body is made of high-temperature resistant materials, and the water pump can be used in 100 ℃ water temperature for a long time. It has impeller rotor stuck protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection and overcurrent protection.

8. The water pump has abundant interfaces, including 4-point threads, 2-point threads, in and out 8mm, 10mm, 22mm, 27mm, etc., which can also be customized according to customer requirements

9. If the pump head needs to be increased, the pump can also be connected in series, and the head can be doubled.

10. Amphibious (for external use, the installation position is lower than the liquid level)

11. The water pump and its associated control system can be customized according to user requirements.

Precautions for use of DC water pump

1. Prevent particles from entering

(1) Ferromagnetic impurities and particles are not allowed to enter the magnetic driver and bearing friction pair; (2) After transporting the medium that is easy to crystallize or precipitate, wash it in time (fill the pump cavity with clean water after stopping the pump, and drain it after running for 1min) to ensure the service life of the sliding bearing; (3) When conveying medium containing solid particles, filter at the inlet of pump flow pipe.

2. To prevent demagnetization, it is required to operate at the specified temperature, and the medium temperature is strictly prohibited to exceed the standard. Platinum resistance temperature sensor can be installed on the outer surface of the magnetic pump isolation sleeve to detect the temperature rise in the annulus area, so as to alarm or stop the machine when the temperature exceeds the limit.

3. Avoid dry friction and minimize idling time.

4. The pump installed below the liquid level is a centrifugal pump, which cannot automatically exhaust air. It must be submerged or installed below the liquid level when in use.

5. Reduce idling time. Try not to idle the water pump. It is easy to wear because there is no medium lubrication during idling.

6. Do not exceed the rated voltage. The pump must be used at the rated voltage. If there is overpressure or other functional requirements, they should be put forward in advance.

Type of DC submersible pump:

1. Brushed DC water pump. 

2. Brushless DC water pump (motor type). 

3. Brushless DC water pump (magnetic drive isolated type).

Features of three types of DC pumps:

1. Brushed DC water pump: When the submersible pump is working, the coil and commutator rotate, but the magnetic steel and carbon brush do not rotate. The alternating change of the coil current direction is completed with the commutator and brush that the motor rotates. As long as the motor rotates, the carbon brush will be worn. When the computer water pump runs to a certain point, the carbon brush wear gap will become larger, and the sound will also increase. After hundreds of hours of continuous operation, the carbon brush cannot play the role of reversing.

Advantages: low price.

2. Brushless motor type DC pump: motor type brushless DC pump is composed of brushless DC motor and impeller. The shaft of the motor is connected with the impeller. There is a gap between the stator and rotor of the water pump. After a long time of use, water will permeate into the motor and the motor will be easily burned.

Advantages: Brushless DC motor has been standardized and has been mass produced by specialized manufacturers, with low cost and high efficiency.

3. Brushless DC magnetic drive water pump: Brushless DC magnetic drive water pump adopts electronic component commutation instead of carbon brush commutation. It adopts high-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic shaft sleeve. The shaft sleeve is integrated with the magnet through injection molding to avoid wear. Therefore, the service life of brushless DC magnetic drive water pump is greatly enhanced. The stator and rotor of the magnetic isolation type water pump are completely isolated. The stator and circuit board are filled with epoxy resin and 100% waterproof. The rotor is made of permanent magnet. The water pump body is made of environment-friendly materials with low noise, small size and stable performance. The winding of the stator can adjust various required parameters, and can operate at a wide voltage.

Advantages: long service life, low noise up to 35dB or less, can be used for hot water circulation. The stator and circuit board of the motor are filled with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which can be installed underwater and completely waterproof. The shaft center of the pump is made of high-performance ceramic shaft, with high precision and good seismic resistance.

Difference between brushless motor and brushless motor

(1) It is not easy to generate high temperature arc and metal chips during reversing.

(2) Less electrical noise, high reliability, long service life and easy high-speed.

(3) Low voltage, fast start and easy control.

(4) Easy to manufacture and small in size.

(5) It can be used in high temperature environment with low maintenance cost.

(6) There is no dirt such as carbon powder and oil mist in the brush part.

(7) No electrical noise (no radio interference).

(8) No sparks.


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