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12v water pump

A 12V water pump refers to a micro water pump powered by a 12V DC power supply, which has an inlet and an outlet pump. It can continuously form a vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet and generate a large output pressure at the outlet. The working medium is generally water. The 12V water pump can be powered by a switch type DC regulated power supply, connected to a car battery, or powered by a solar panel, making it very convenient to use. Compared to AC water pumps, 12V water pumps have a wider range of use and are safer. 12V water pumps are widely used. Due to their small size, low noise, and low power consumption, 12V water pumps can be widely used for water circulation, cooling, lifting, transportation, pressurization, spraying, spraying, water circulation, transportation, and other purposes.

12v water pump can be divided into different categories: 12v diaphragm pump, 12v centrifugal pump, 12v gear pump, 12v pneumatic diaphragm pump, etc.

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  1. R & D, design and production of 12v water pump

  2. How does the 12v water pump work?

  3. Application scope of 12v water pump

  4. How to Choose a 12v Water Pump?

  5. Characteristics of 12v water pump

  6. Installation mode of 12v water pump

  7. 12v water pump fault and maintenance

  8. Precautions for use of 12v water pump

R & D, design and production of 12v water pump

Dongguan Shenpeng Electronics Co., Ltd was found in 2012 and is specialized in brush-less DC water pumps. As a global BLDC water pump solutions specialist, it integrates R&D, manufacture with sales.The products are mainly applied to New-energy vehicle, mattress, home appliance (water heater, dish washer, coffee machine, water dispenser), smart toilet, cosmetic/medical equipment, machine tool equipment, air conditioning base station, PC, LED cooling system, aquarium etc.

Shenpeng was the earliest company that managed to produce the brushless DC water pumps. It is located in Changping, Dongguan and covers an area of 18000㎡. With an in-house CNAS standard laboratory, 300-thousand-grade dust-free workshop and 10 professional production lines. The annual production capacity is more than 5 million sets of water pumps and it is one of the largest manufacturer of BLDC water pump in China. It won many honorable titles such as High-tech Enterprise, Multiplication Enterprise etc.

How does the 12v water pump work?

1. 12v centrifugal pump working principle.

The working principle of the 12v centrifugal pump is to use the rotation of the impeller to cause the centrifugal movement of the liquid to work. Before the 12v centrifugal pump is started, the pump casing and the liquid pipe must be filled, and then the motor is started, so that the pump shaft drives the impeller and the liquid to rotate at a high speed. The pressurized fluid line that flows into the pump. The size of its power consumption is proportional to the actual flow rate of the 12v centrifugal pump.

2. 12v micro vacuum pump working principle.

The working principle of the 12v micro vacuum pump is the circular motion of the motor. The diaphragm inside the 12v micro vacuum pump is reciprocated through mechanical equipment, so as to compress and stretch the air in the pump chamber of a fixed volume to form a vacuum (negative pressure), which is at the 12v micro vacuum pump exhaust port. There is a pressure difference between the place and the outside atmospheric pressure. Under the effect of the pressure difference, the gas is pressurized (sucked) into the pump cavity, and then discharged from the exhaust port.

3. 12v pneumatic diaphragm pump working principle.

The working principle of the 12v miniature pneumatic diaphragm pump is that the motor drives the oscillation of the eccentric wheel and the connecting rod, thereby driving the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm, forming a complete pumping motion with the valve plate of the air inlet and outlet. Not in direct contact with the corrosive material and liquid, and separating the cylinder cavity from the liquid material with a diaphragm is essentially the principle of the reciprocating pump.

4. 12v gear pump working principle.

The working principle of the 12v gear pump is composed of two gears meshing with each other. The teeth of the two gears are separated from each other to form a low pressure, and the liquid is sucked in and sent to the other side by the shell wall. On the other side, the two gears are closed together to form a high pressure to discharge the liquid. It relies on the volume change of the meshing space of the gear teeth to transport the liquid. It belongs to the rotary pump and can also be considered to belong to the positive displacement pump.

Application scope of 12v water pump?

12v water pump has a wide range of applications: it can be used in the automotive industry, water heaters, smart toilets, dishwashers, plumbing mattresses, coffee machines, industrial chillers, laser machines, printers, air conditioning equipment, computers, washing machines, medical beauty equipment, humidifiers , Sweeper, water dispenser, soilless cultivation, aquarium, solar fountain, household tap water pressurization, car washing, seawater desalination on ships, reverse osmosis pure water machine, water treatment equipment, filter, spray device, chemical metering liquid and Sanitation, environmental protection, printing and other industries.

How to Choose a 12v Water Pump?

There are various 12v water pumps on the market, but not every 12v water pump can meet your requirements. This is because different 12v water pumps are suitable for different industries. Therefore, when selecting 12v water pumps, we should first clarify their scope of use, and then select different sizes, import and export forms and directions, different working performance, working environmental conditions, etc. according to the characteristics of 12v water pumps.   12v water pump with pressure switch

1. 12v water pump water head.

The maximum head of 12v water pump generally refers to the static head without water flow when pumping water to the maximum head. If it is necessary to pump to a certain height and maintain a certain flow, the required head must be higher than the specified pumping height. Generally speaking, when selecting the model, 12v water pump is necessary to increase the head to about 5% ~ 10% of the margin.

2. 12v water pump water flow.

Flow is one of the important performance data of 12v water pump selection, which is directly related to the pumping performance of the whole 12v water pump application system. Therefore, when selecting the 12v water pump, it should be based on the maximum flow and consider the normal flow. When there is no maximum flow, usually 1.1 times the normal flow can be taken as the maximum flow of the 12v water pump.

3. 12v water pump working environment.

If the environment in which the 12v water pump is used requires diving, such as in aquariums and fish tanks, the 12v water pump that can be used as a submersible pump must be selected. If the ambient temperature and working fluid temperature you need to use are very high, such as solar water heater, automobile engine heat dissipation, electric vehicle battery heat dissipation and other high water temperature environments, you must select a 12V water pump that can withstand high temperature. For example, 12v water pump with a maximum operating temperature of 100 ℃ shall be selected for the solar water heater, and an electric water pump with a maximum operating temperature of 180 ℃ shall be selected for the fuel cell cooling system of new energy vehicles.  

4. 12v water pump size and shape of water inlet and outlet.

When you choose 12v water pump for electrical appliances, equipment or water circulation system, you should choose 12v watr pump with appropriate external size. Therefore, it can be installed in the space of your design and left for the 12v water pump. If the remaining space of the 12v water pump is very compact, we recommend that you choose a 12v water pump with higher efficiency and smaller volume instead of other 12v water pumps with the same working performance. The direction and shape of the 12v water pump inlet and outlet should also be suitable for your piping system direction and joint type. For example, the inlet and outlet directions of 12v water pumps used on water heaters are usually in-line and threaded. In this case, you should choose a 12v water pump with 1/2 "or 3/4" threaded inlet and outlet.

Characteristics of 12v water pump.

1. 12V water pump generally refers to 12V DC power supply. Switching DC regulated power supply can be used for variable voltage power supply, vehicle battery can also be connected for power supply, and solar panel can also be used for power supply, which is very convenient to use. Compared with the AC water pump, it has a wider range of use and is safer.

2. compared with 24V water pump or 48V water pump, 12V water pump is quieter and has lower power.    12 volt water pump for garden hose

3. compared with the AC water pump, the 12v water pump is more safe, with exquisite workmanship, small volume, light weight, stable performance and convenient installation.

Installation mode of 12v water pump

1. Install the 12v water pump upwards.

2. The 12v water pump is installed horizontally and the water outlet is upward or horizontal.

3. It is not recommended to install the 12v water pump downward or the water outlet downward.

12v water pump fault and maintenance

1. 12v water pump Cause analysis and solution of liquid leakage.

1) Cause analysis: The screws of the 12v water pump were not tightened

    Solution: Tighten the screws.

2) Cause analysis: The sealing ring of the 12v water pump is missing

    Solution: fill the sealing ring

3) Cause analysis: There are impurities on the sealing ring of the 12v water pump

    Solution: open and clean

2. High current, low flow

Cause analysis: There are impurities in the rotor of the 12v water pump

Solution: inject water from the water outlet to clean

3. No rotation, current is high and low

Cause analysis: The 12v water pump rotor is stuck due to foreign objects

Solution: eliminate the foreign matters that cause the rotor to be stuck

4. No rotation, short circuit current occurs

Cause analysis: 12v water pump control board damaged

Solution: Replace the control board

5. No rotation, no current

Cause analysis: The 12v water pump power line is not connected correctly

Solution: check whether the connector is connected well

6. Analysis and Solution of the Causes of High Noise in 12V Water Pump

1) Cause analysis: impurities in the 12v water pump

    Solution: eliminate impurities

2) Cause analysis: there is gas in the 12v water pump that cannot be discharged

    Solution: Place the water outlet upwards to ensure that there is no air in the liquid source

3) Cause analysis: there is no liquid in 12v water pump, and the 12v water pump is dry

    Solution: Make sure there is liquid in the 12v water pump

Precautions for use of 12v water pump

1. 12v water pumps are prohibited from using liquids with impurities and magnetic particles greater than 0.35mm

2. When the 12v water pump is not in use for a long time, it is best to confirm that there is liquid inside the pump before powering on

3. Do not use the 12V water pump for a long time without liquid

4. When the 12V water pump is not in use for a long time, it is necessary to prevent dust from entering the inlet and outlet

5. Do not completely use the 12V water pump in liquids

6. Please confirm if the connection is correct before starting the 12V water pump, otherwise it may cause a malfunction

7. When using a 12V water pump in a low-temperature environment, please ensure that the liquid used does not freeze or become very viscous

8. If there are water stains at the wire joints of the 12V water pump, please clean the water stains before use

The difference between 12V water pump and 24V water pump

1. The voltage is different, one 24V and one 12V, both of which are very safe.

2. Compared to the 12V micro water pump, the 24V micro water pump has a higher head, larger flow rate, and relatively higher noise.

3. At the same power, high voltage and current are smaller, while low voltage and current are larger. A typical battery is 12V, but if 24V is used, two batteries are required.

Advantages of 12V water pump:

1. compared to AC electric water pumps, 12V water pumps are more secure.

2. compared to large water pumps, 12V water pumps are compact and portable.

3. compared to 24V, 36V, and 48V water pumps, 12V water pumps have a wider range of applications.

The Application of 12V Water Pump in Chillers

The function of 12v water pump is mainly to circulate the liquid cooled inside the water chiller to other equipment that needs cooling, and then take the liquid with high temperature to the water tank for cooling. In this way, the continuous circulation and exchange of cooling can achieve equipment cooling. The application of 12v water pump in the water chiller is simply a circulation function. The application of Shenpeng 12V water pump in the chiller industry includes P6005 chiller circulating pump and P4504 chiller circulating pump.

The Application of 12V Water Pump in Water Heater

The 12V water pump is usually the most common in zero cold water heaters, because every time the water heater is turned on, the water heater needs to heat the cold water first, requiring a long waiting time of several minutes to tens of minutes. Many users cannot bear this waiting time. Zero cold water heaters solve this pain point through the working principle of the 12V water pump, and do not need to wait, just turn on and use. The working principle of a 12V water pump is to circulate hot water to other places where water is needed, and to maintain the temperature of the hot water area at all times to achieve the purpose of instant use.

1. Using brushless motors increases efficiency by 30% compared to AC motors, and also ensures safe electricity usage.

2. Built in intelligent chip, which can adjust the flow rate and signal feedback according to the needs of the shower water temperature.

3. The 12V/24V/36V DC voltage is matched with the built-in power supply of the water heater, which can achieve stable voltage and current without being affected by peak electricity consumption, and ensure water output and water pressure.

4. Under the same parameters, compared to AC water pumps, the noise is lower and the shower enjoyment is better.

5. Smaller size and a long lifespan of 20000 hours, improving the design space and quality reliability of the water heater.

What is the maximum pressure of the 12V high-pressure water pump?

The maximum pressure of a 12V high-pressure water pump depends on its design, size, and flow rate. Generally speaking, the nominal pressure of a 12V high-pressure water pump is generally between 20-100 bar (200-1000 Kpa), but it can actually exceed 200 bar (2000 Kpa), depending on the pump design and construction.

The 12V high-pressure water pump consists of an electric motor and a specially designed pump, and the pump design determines the pressure range of the pump. The maximum pressure of a 12V high-pressure water pump depends on the design of the pump's casing and internal components. Generally speaking, when using pumps with higher pressures, the casing and internal parts of the pump are designed to be more sturdy than pumps with lower pressures, in order to withstand higher pressures. In addition, the construction of the pump casing and internal components can also affect the maximum pressure of the pump, such as its volume and flow rate.

It is worth noting that when using a 12V high-pressure water pump, its output pressure should be adjusted according to the specific application scenario. If the output pressure is too high, it may cause damage to pipelines and equipment. If the output pressure is too low, it may affect its work efficiency. Therefore, when using a 12V high-pressure water pump, appropriate adjustments and controls should be made as needed to ensure its normal operation and achieve optimal performance.

In summary, the maximum pressure of a 12V high-pressure water pump depends on the pump design, size, and flow rate, which can be adjusted according to the pump design and actual needs, but generally does not exceed 200 bar (2000Kpa).

What is a 12V diaphragm pump?

The 12V diaphragm pump has small volume, low noise, high pressure, and good self priming performance; Allow for dry operation, equipped with a pressure switch to protect the pump from damage during operation; The built-in overflow valve controls the normal operation of the pump, making it easy to disassemble and assemble. It adopts a safe low voltage to ensure personal safety.

Application field of 12v diaphragm pump: 12v diaphragm pump is committed to domestic tap water pressurization, automobile washing, ship and Shanghai water desalination, reverse osmosis water purifier, water treatment equipment, filter, spray device, chemical metering and liquid feeding, sanitation, environmental protection, printing and other industries

12V diaphragm pump product usage characteristics:

1. During installation, it is necessary to pull out the sealing caps at the inlet and outlet of the diaphragm pump.

2. Equipped with inlet and outlet connectors included with the pump.

3. The pump should be installed horizontally. If vertical installation is required, the pump head should be facing downwards.

4. Install a filter in the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump to ensure effective use of the pump.

5. The pump base is divided into nylon base and iron base rubber foot post.


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