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Application of mini water pump in massage bathtub

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The massage bathtub water pump refers to the water pump installed on the bathtub. The pressure generated by the water pump stimulates various parts of the human body, achieving the functions of massaging muscles, accelerating blood circulation, alleviating pain, and activating joints.

massage bathtub water pump

Function and principle of massage bathtub water pump

The hydraulic power of the massage bathtub is mainly provided by a mini water pump, which sucks the water in the bathtub into a circulating pipe and then sprays it out through a massage nozzle arranged on the bathtub, thereby achieving the goal of surfing in the bathtub and eliminating human fatigue.

Most massage bathtub pumps use 220v water pumps, which poses a significant safety hazard. However, massage bathtub pumps produced by Shenzhen Company generally use 12v and 24v human safety voltages. Even if electric leakage does not cause any harm to the human body, the IP68 waterproof level is higher than the ordinary IP67 level. All pumps have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their service life exceeds 20000 hours. Food grade standards make water cleaner and not contaminated again.

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