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How to choose water heater booster pump?

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Water heater booster pump is a machine specially used for pressurization. Its main purpose is to pressurize the water heater, pressurize the water heater at low water pressure in high buildings, pressurize the bath, and pressurize the solar energy automatically.

Have you ever encountered it during the bathing? When halfway through the bath, the water flow is insufficient due to insufficient pipe pressure. The shower can be hot and cold. The lotus has no water flow, and the water flow is small. It takes a lot of time to wait. Bad bathing experience? I think most people have encountered it.

Most households may add pipeline booster pumps outside the water heater. This is of course a feasible way, but it increases the cost of the household invisibly. As a water heater manufacturer, of course, customers will not have such a bad experience. As the water heater is upgraded In the new generation, most manufacturers will add a water heater booster pump inside the water heater to increase the water output and water pressure, and solve the above problem of poor bathing experience without worries.

water heater booster pump

First of all, what water heater manufacturers have to do is to find the parameters and manufacturers that suit their own water heater booster pumps.

As a kind of equipment, water pump parameters are naturally important. The important parameters of boosting are head and flow, followed by power. These factors must be considered by the manufacturer. It is best to let the pump manufacturer negotiate face-to-face and conduct a test. Dongguan Shenpeng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of a full range of miniature DC brushless water pumps. The company has its own injection molding workshop and mold room. There are also 8 automatic production lines with a daily output of 10,000 pumps. For manufacturers with large quantities, Shenpeng Electronics Provide sample testing and provide professional solutions.

Secondly, the water heater manufacturer should test the samples provided, and then propose an improvement plan.

After the water heater manufacturer receives the samples provided by the pump manufacturer, it needs to test according to its own water heater parameters. It is best to install a few samples for testing (the actual installation and test results will be better), and send it to the pump manufacturer according to the test data in operation Make the next modification. After several communications and improvements, the water heater manufacturer can find the most matching water heater booster pump.

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