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Small water pump

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The small water pump uses a direct current of 4.5V-24V to drive the brushless motor, which drives the impeller to rotate, thereby increasing the liquid pressure and achieving the effect of liquid transmission.

The working principle of a small water pump is to use the negative pressure generated by the pump to first remove the air from the water pipe and then suck in the water. The small water pump mainly consists of an impeller and a mechanical sealing device. Driven by an electric motor, the rotating impeller converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into liquid kinetic energy (pressure) and outputs it to the working pipeline.

Characteristics of small water pump shaft: The shaft of brushless DC small water pump adopts high-performance ceramic shaft, with high accuracy, good wear resistance, and extremely low sound.

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Control characteristics of small water pumps: Brushless DC small water pumps can achieve PWM speed regulation, analog signal input speed regulation, potentiometer manual speed regulation, and can achieve head and flow regulation. Equipped with impeller rotor jamming protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection, and overcurrent protection. Control for soft start, no impact, low startup power consumption.

Usage requirements: The brushless DC small water pump can be fully submerged or not (installed below the liquid level). The water pump can be customized according to user requirements and designed according to customer requirements.

The types of small water pumps are as follows:

Hand operated water pump: small size, light weight, portable, and easy to operate.

Electric water pump: High efficiency, stable operation, low noise, and long service life.

Solar water pump: Green, environmentally friendly, highly automated, and highly mobile.

Pneumatic water pump: Durable, easy to maintain, simple structure, and lightweight.

In addition, there are various types of small water pumps, including diaphragm pumps, circulation pumps, energy-saving pumps, centrifugal pumps, self priming pumps, pulp pumps, chemical pumps, sewage pumps, magnetic pumps, oil pumps, screw pumps, etc.

Brushless DC small water pumps have a wide range of applications and can be applied in the following scenarios:

Automotive water pump: automotive electronic water pump, automotive electric water pump, automotive parking heater water pump, preheater water pump, automotive heating circulation, automotive engine cooling, etc.

Water heater water pump: Brushless DC small water pump is safe, energy-saving, small in size, long in life, and easy to adjust. Most manufacturers have now switched to DC brushless water pumps.

Chiller water pump: All small and medium-sized chillers in China have been replaced with direct current brushless water pumps instead of diaphragm pumps, which have stable boosting, low noise, and a lifespan nearly 10 times that of diaphragm pumps.

Air conditioning refrigeration water pump: widely used for cooling communication cabinets, water circulation cooling of machine tool equipment, etc.

Household appliances: DC water pumps have the characteristics of small size, safety, efficiency, low noise, and portability, and are widely used in applications that require safety, quiet, and low power consumption.

According to different purposes and needs, different types of small water pumps have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to simply determine which type of small water pump is the best. The following are several common types of small water pumps and their characteristics for your reference:

Self priming water pump: With self priming function, it can suck liquid lower than the inlet pipe position, but the suction head generally does not exceed 8 meters.

Centrifugal water pump: With large flow rate and high head, it is suitable for occasions with large flow rate and high head, such as agricultural irrigation and drainage.

Submersible water pump: It can work underwater and has characteristics such as corrosion resistance and wear resistance, suitable for underwater operations and sewage pumping.

Liquid gas mixed water pump: It can mix liquid and gas for transportation, and is suitable for transporting corrosive liquids or high viscosity liquids.

Select the appropriate type of small water pump according to actual needs, taking into account factors such as flow rate, head, working pressure, medium properties, and usage environment. At the same time, attention should also be paid to selecting products with reliable quality, stable performance, and easy maintenance.


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