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The function of a automotive water pump is to drive the flow of coolant, prevent engine or battery overheating, and provide cooling and heat dissipation for the engine or battery. Automotive water pumps are generally installed on the engine block or battery. Traditional automotive water pumps are driven by belts to circulate the engine coolant and achieve heat dissipation. Nowadays, automotive electric water pumps are driven by electronic control, and with the help of electronic control units, the working status of the pump can be adjusted to circulate the coolant on the battery/motor/electronic control, achieving heat dissipation.

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The traditional working principle of a automotive water pump is that the engine drives the water pump bearing and impeller to rotate through a pulley. The coolant in the water pump is driven by the impeller to rotate together, and is thrown towards the edge of the water pump shell under centrifugal force, generating a certain amount of pressure, and then flows out from the outlet or water pipe. At the center of the impeller, the pressure decreases due to the coolant being thrown out. The coolant in the water tank is sucked into the impeller through a water pipe under the pressure difference between the inlet of the water pump and the center of the impeller, achieving reciprocating circulation of the coolant.

The automotive electric water pump is a pump with an electronic control drive unit, mainly composed of three parts: an overcurrent unit, an electric motor unit, and an electronic control unit.

Its working principle is that with the help of an electronic control unit, the working status of the pump can be freely adjusted, such as controlling the start/stop, flow control, pressure control, anti dry operation protection, self maintenance and other functions of the pump. The pump can be controlled through external signals. The magnet and impeller of a brushless DC centrifugal water pump are integrated to form the magnetic rotor of the motor. There is a directly injected shaft sleeve in the middle of the rotor. The shaft sleeve is a highly durable and wear-resistant graphite fixed in the rotor body, and the motor stator and circuit board pump body are filled with epoxy resin adhesive. There is a cavity between the stator and rotor. The pump body cavity is connected to the rotor cavity of the electric motor. The rotor cavity of the motor is completely isolated from the motor stator and motor controls. The rotating shaft is made of high smoothness and strength zirconia, and the shaft connects the motor and pump body as a whole, without the need for conventional mechanical shaft seals. Therefore, it is completely sealed and leak proof.

Automotive electric water pumpsare widely used in new energy vehicles, and their main function is to meet the technical requirements of thermal management for driving motors, electric components, and other electronic components under any working condition of the vehicle.

The steps for selecting an automotive electric water pump are as follows:

Determine the power and speed of the engine. Choosing a suitable electronic water pump requires knowing the power and speed of the engine, which will determine the flow and pressure required by the water pump.

Determine the requirements for the cooling system. Different vehicle models and usage environments have different requirements for cooling systems, and multiple factors such as temperature range, water pump output, and cycle time need to be considered.

Determine the usage environment of the car. The usage environment of automobiles will determine the difficulty of repairing and maintaining electronic water pumps, and it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the usage environment.

Choosing a manufacturer of automotive electric water pumps can be considered from the following aspects:

Professional manufacturing experience. Choosing a manufacturer with rich experience in manufacturing automotive water pumps, such as Shenpeng, can ensure that it can meet demand and provide high-quality products.

Choose manufacturers with strong technical strength and research and development capabilities. Automobile water pump manufacturers (Shenpeng) should have advanced production equipment and technology, and maintain research and development capabilities that keep up with the times.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the brand attributes, user and application cases, technical performance, etc. of the manufacturer to ensure the selection of a trustworthy manufacturer.


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