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Circulating water pump

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A circulating water pump is a device used for water circulation, which can transfer water from one end to the other end and then flow back, allowing water to circulate in the system. Circulating water pumps are usually used in water circulation systems such as heating systems, air conditioning systems, and cooling systems.

DC brushless water pump is a type of circulating water pump, which is driven by a DC motor and does not require external power supply. It can be directly connected to a battery or battery. This type of water pump has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, long service life, and simple maintenance, so it has been widely used in some mobile devices, small refrigeration and heating equipment, and other fields.

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On the chiller, the circulating water pump can suck cooling water out of the water tank, transport it to the radiator for heat dissipation, and then flow the cooled water back into the water tank. This can keep the chiller at a constant temperature and allow the heat in the radiator to dissipate in a timely manner.

On a water heating mattress, a circulating water pump can suck the heated water out of the water tank, transport it to the pipes inside the mattress for heating, and then flow the heated water back into the water tank. This can keep the mattress at a constant temperature while also allowing the heat from the heater to be evenly distributed.

It should be noted that different equipment requires the use of different models of circulating water pumps to achieve optimal efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, attention should also be paid to maintenance and upkeep during use to ensure the service life and reliability of the water pump.


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