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Shenpeng was selected as one of the first batch of manufacturing single champion enterprises (products) in Dongguan City

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According to the "Dongguan Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Selection Management Measures (Trial)" (Dong Gong Xin [2022] No. 298), the Dongguan Industry and Information Technology Bureau organized the cultivation and selection of Dongguan manufacturing single champion enterprises (products) in 2023. Through procedures such as enterprise application, town street recommendation, online formal review, and expert evaluation, Shenpeng has been included in the first batch of single champion demonstration enterprises in the manufacturing industry in Dongguan.

The single champion in the manufacturing industry of Dongguan refers to a manufacturing enterprise or industrial product that has long been focused on the research and development and production of segmented industries in the manufacturing industry, has good innovation foundation conditions and strong technological innovation capabilities, and has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level in production technology or process. The market share of single products ranks among the top in the global or domestic industry. The Dongguan manufacturing single champion includes Dongguan manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises and Dongguan manufacturing single champion products.

In May of this year, Shenpeng was selected as the "Honorary Pilot Title" Enterprise List of the "Double Increase Plan". This time, it was also included in the "Dongguan First Batch of Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprises" by Dongguan City, highlighting the recognition of Shenpeng in technology innovation, research and development investment, achievement transformation, business revenue, and other aspects. It also indirectly confirms the reliability of the company's product quality, high degree of specialization, and broad prospects. As the "leading goose" in the key link of the industrial chain, the single champion of Dongguan's manufacturing industry, Shenpeng will continue to focus on the field of DC brushless water pumps, amplify the attributes of the single champion, and achieve the ultimate level of DC brushless water pumps, contributing to the high-quality development of Dongguan's manufacturing industry.


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