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ShenPeng Holds a Work Summary and Work Plan Meeting for the First Half of 2023

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On July 14-15, 2023, Shenpeng held a meeting on "Work Summary for the First Half of 2023 and Work Plan for the Second Half of 2023" at the Tanyue Haosheng Hotel in Huizhou.

This conference is divided into three parts: a business market sharing meeting, a summary of work by department heads for the first half of the year, and a report on work plans for the second half of the year, as well as team building and expansion activities. Chairman Wang Shouyuan, General Manager Cheng Zuyi, more than 30 middle and senior management personnel from various departments of the company, and representatives of subsidiary companies attended the meeting.

The first item of the conference is the business market sharing meeting. Sales leaders from various industries conducted a comprehensive analysis and summary of the business development in the first half of 2023, and proposed requirements and improvement measures for various backend departments based on customer demands. Looking forward to the work in the second half of 2023, sales leaders from various industries have made detailed goal decomposition and work deployment for their respective industries, striving to achieve the performance goals of this year.

In the second item of the conference, Chairman Wang Shouyuan, General Manager Cheng Zuyi, and Executive Director Assistant Wang Huizhao delivered speeches, and comprehensively analyzed and summarized the company's business performance in the first half of 2023, as well as explained the company's future development strategy and deployment. From the external environment to the company's internal business situation, understanding the company's product quality from the perspective of customers, and internal team building A comprehensive analysis was conducted on various aspects, from the operational situation of each subsidiary company to the construction of expected business growth in an uncertain environment, and important deployments were made for the company's development direction, business management, and operational strategies in the second half of the year. The chairman clearly stated that the second half of 2023 is an urgent and arduous task. But I believe that under the leadership of General Manager Cheng and every core member present here, we will work together, work hard, and work hard to surpass and complete tasks; Not only for the present, but also for planning and laying the foundation for 2024 and the future!

In the third item of the conference, department heads and heads of subsidiary companies will report on the "Work Summary for the First Half of the Year and Work Plan for the Second Half of the Year". Summarized the breakdown, execution, and implementation of key work tasks in the first half of the year, objectively analyzed the completion of quantitative indicators for the first half of the year, affirmed the achievements made in the work, and reflected on and summarized the problems existing in the work execution process. Furthermore, refined, decomposed, and deployed the key work goals for the second half of 2023. This mid year summary meeting is not only a major review of management team building, but also a demonstration of management effectiveness. It is also a mobilization meeting, combining existing advantages, establishing a strong sense of professionalism and enterprising spirit, not taking refuge in things, not shirking responsibility, and working hard. We continue to uphold the core values of "creating value for customers and putting customers first", unite more closely, strengthen confidence, and take a more positive attitude and a more solid step, Meet the challenges of the second half of the year!

The wind and tide surge when we sail and break through the waves, the task is heavy and the road is long, and we need to ride horses and whip. We will reform the past and forge ahead, and forge ahead! In the second half of 2023, Shenpeng will adhere to the spirit of forge ahead, unite as one, explore and innovate, and spare no effort to achieve the company's annual business goals and tasks. We will adhere to innovation and product quality as the driving force for the long-term development of the enterprise, and adhere to resource sharing and collaborative operations. We will definitely achieve greater achievements.


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