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Closing Ceremony of the Second Summer Camp of Shenpeng

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Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

On August 23rd, the closing ceremony of the second summer camp was held in the Shenpeng Training Room. More than 30 children successfully completed a month and a half of the summer camp course, were awarded the closing certificate and a cute mini backpack, and performed exciting dances, recitations of Chinese classics, and presentations. The expenses during the summer camp were provided by the company, and Shenpeng employees enjoyed free benefits.

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

▲ Children receive camping certificates

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

During the one and a half month summer camp, teachers from Shen Peng planned a complete learning plan for the children, allowing them to learn and grow through play, spending an unforgettable summer, and allowing parents to work with peace of mind.

At the camping ceremony, The parent representative, "Manager Wang of the Production Department," happily stated: Thank you very much for the summer camp organized by the company, which not only helped children learn cultural knowledge, improve their logical thinking skills, but also enhanced their confidence and developed good expression skills. I also appreciate the hard work of all teachers, providing such a good learning environment that allows children to learn and grow happily. On behalf of parents, I would like to say to the teachers: You have worked hard

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

▲ Classics of Chinese Classics, Teacher Yuan

Chinese classics are the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Through the contending of a hundred schools of thought in the pre Qin period and the historical choice of ups and downs after that, the ideological and cultural mainstream of complementary Confucianism and Taoism has been formed, and then combined with Buddhism to form the Chinese ideology and culture of the convergence of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. After thousands of years of choice, taking its essence and removing its dross, part of the culture has passed down to become a Chinese classic.

As a representative of the teacher, Teacher Yuan, who is deeply loved by students as a "classic of Chinese culture", expressed three hopes to the children and gave suggestions to the parents present:

Three hopes for children:

1. I hope that children can constantly surpass themselves and make progress in their future studies and life.

2. I hope children can establish lofty ideals from a young age.

3. I hope children can persist in doing one thing from today and establish good character through perseverance.

Children express their gratitude to Teacher Yuan

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

Suggestion to parents: It is recommended that parents present dare to let go. Children are far stronger, more hardworking, and better than you imagine. The more you manage, the world of many children has become the world of parents. Only by letting go can you see their infinite potential. Don't focus too much on children, care more about ourselves, and think about our happiness in life? Am I studying? In a family, family members have a strong sense of happiness, with a good marital relationship, mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship, and a harmonious family atmosphere. This kind of family is the harbor of love. Children who grow up in the bath of love will be more caring, have a sense of social responsibility, and achieve success in the future. As parents, you love learning, love life, and are full of passion, which is the best example for children.

Parents express their gratitude to the company with full and enthusiastic applause, and express their gratitude to all teachers and staff!

Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

▲ General Manager Cheng

General Manager Cheng took the stage to speak: Corporate culture is a habit of a company, just like a person, a family has their own habits, and each company has its own unique habits, which can also be passed down. Good family habits can cultivate excellent children. Their self-discipline and self-improvement usually come from their parents. If parents have good habits, their children must have good habits. The corporate culture of a company is the same, so we at Shenpeng should continue this good habit of "creating happiness for employees", as advocated by the chairman, "making employees who come to work at Shenpeng feel a sense of achievement and belonging. Only when everyone is well can Shenpeng be better." Finally, we thank all teachers for their hard work, thank all parents for their trust, and hope to see more children come to Shenpeng next year, We will also continue to hold the third and fourth sessions well Continue good habits.


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