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Working principle of liquid cooling water pump for AI server in data center

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At present, the AI server cooling equipment in the data center mainly adopts liquid cooling technology. Its working principle is to install a cooling pump inside the server cabinet, which is connected to the inlet and outlet pipes, and the two pipes are respectively connected to the cooling plate. The cooling pump uses the high thermal conductivity and high Specific heat capacity of water to transfer heat from the server to the water. After passing through the cooling equipment, the temperature of the water rises and is then sent back to the water pump for circulation. This cycle repeats and ultimately dissipates the heat generated by the server, ensuring its normal operation.

liquid cooling water pump

With the rapid development of internet technology and the continuous popularization of data center applications, especially the latest ChatGPT, it has sparked another wave of AI servers. More and more enterprises and institutions are paying attention to AI servers, and data centers have become an important component of modern society. In these data centers, servers are the core devices for data processing and storage.

AI server is a type of server specifically designed to run artificial intelligence algorithms, which has higher computing power, stronger processing power, and larger storage capacity compared to regular servers. This also leads to AI servers having higher heat output compared to regular servers, requiring better cooling systems. Therefore, the liquid cooling cooling technology provided by the liquid cooling pump is more suitable for AI servers that generate a large amount of heat.

In practical applications, it is required that liquid cooling technology cooling water pumps not only have high efficiency and reliability, but also have stable performance and long service life. There are currently many types of liquid cold water pumps on the market, among which a common type is a centrifugal water pump. A centrifugal water pump uses centrifugal force to extract water from the inlet and then discharge it to the outlet. Centrifugal water pumps have been widely used in data centers due to their simple structure, small size, and low noise. At the same time, centrifugal water pumps can also adopt a combination of multi-stage pumps to increase their head and flow rate, thereby meeting the liquid cooling needs of different data centers.

Shenpeng Electronics has been engaged in the field of DC brushless water pumps for 19 years. It is a liquid cooling pump specially developed for server cooling equipment, which has high efficiency, quieter sound, mini size, and a longer lifespan while working continuously for 24 hours. It has advantages that other similar water pumps cannot match.Overall, liquid cold water pump technology is an efficient and reliable heat dissipation method that fully meets the requirements of data centers for efficiency, stability, and energy conservation.


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