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Good News | Shenpeng Electronics Selected as a Pilot Enterprise in the 2023 Dongguan "Double Increase Plan"

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Recently, the Dongguan Double Increase Office carried out the assessment and selection of enterprises under the 2023 Dongguan Double Increase Plan. After the review of the municipal "Double Increase Plan" work leadership group meeting, the list of pilot enterprises for the 2023 Dongguan "Double Increase Plan" has been determined. With its high growth development trend and hardcore research and development strength, Shenpeng Electronics has been successfully selected for the list of pilot enterprises for the 2023 Dongguan "Double Increase Plan".

The 'Double Increase Plan' is an important task for Dongguan City to vigorously support the real economy and promote high-quality economic development. The plan will focus on the urban characteristics of "technological innovation+advanced manufacturing", closely follow the three main lines of stable growth, new driving forces, and high-quality, focus on strategic pillar industries and strategic emerging industries, promote the completion of scale and efficiency doubling, and strengthen new driving forces for economic development. Since the implementation of the policy, Dongguan has selected a group of pilot enterprises and allocated targeted support policies to promote the doubling of enterprise scale and efficiency. The Double Increase Enterprise has become a powerful lever for Dongguan to explore the high-quality development of its manufacturing industry, and the "Double Increase Plan" has also become a shining "business card" for the high-quality development of the city's economy.

In recent years, as a high-tech enterprise strongly supported by the municipal government, Shenpeng Electronics has actively opened up the chain of scientific and technological achievements transformation in its development, invested heavily in laboratory construction, accelerated the upgrading of automated intelligent manufacturing, and achieved leapfrog advancement at all levels. In July 2021, it was approved as a national level specialized, refined, and new "Little Giant" enterprise. In February 2022, it obtained the "Laboratory Accreditation Certificate" issued by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). In August 2022, it passed the Chang'an Automobile Supplier Laboratory Accreditation System (CA-SLA). In December 2022, it was selected as the second batch of high-tech enterprises in Guangdong 2022. This is the seventh year that Shenpeng Electronics has been continuously selected for the recognition of high-tech enterprises! In December 2022, it passed the Geely Supplier Laboratory Accreditation Certificate. In December 2022, Shenpeng Electronics was listed on the Dongguan Engineering Technology Research Center and Key Laboratory Project Publicity List. In January 2023, it passed the SAIC GM Wuling Supplier Test Verification and Testing Capability Accreditation Certificate. In February 2023, Shenpeng Electronics was listed on the Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center Project Publicity List for the year 2022, In May 2023, passed the laboratory certification certificate of Midea Kitchen and Hot Water Division.

Behind the impressive achievements of Shenpeng Electronics, it is inseparable from its persistent research and development investment. Whether it is in terms of scientific and technological innovation strength or operating revenue, Shenpeng Electronics has achieved the doubling goal with high standards and specifications, playing an important role in promoting the economic development of Dongguan. In the future, Shenpeng will continue to focus on the field of DC brushless water pumps, continue to increase research and development investment, deepen cultivation and meticulous work, continuously enhance the company's core competitiveness, improve quality and efficiency, Boost the high-quality development of the company.


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