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How to choose the circulating water pump of the chiller?

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The selection of circulating water pump for chiller is generally to determine the flow and head of the water pump, so as to determine the size of the water pump. Circulating water pump flow can be determined according to the sample provided by the manufacturer, or can be calculated according to the following formula: L (m3/h)=Q (KW)/[(4.5~5 ℃) * 1.163]. We can take the water-cooled water chiller as a system for energy balance calculation. The heat entering the system includes: cooling capacity plus motor power, the heat carried by the cooling water from the system and the heat dissipated in the environment, and the heat transferred to the environment is omitted. According to the technical requirements (inlet temperature and outlet temperature), the flow of circulating water can be calculated.

circulating water pump circulating water pump

For example, the total refrigerating capacity of a centrifugal refrigerator and a screw refrigerator is 2637+1231=3947KW, and its motor power is 467+256=723KW. The total heat (cold) generated by 4670KW needs to be removed. If the cooling water passes through the cooling tower from 37 ℃ to 32 ℃ according to the design requirements, the water volume of these heat carried out by it should be: L=4670 ÷ [(37-32) * 1.163]=803.1m3/h, (1.163 is the conversion coefficient between kW and KCal), This will determine the flow of the Circulating water pump. Generally, two pump operation and one pump standby mode can be considered to facilitate operation in high temperature period. Another is the head of the circulating water pump. It should calculate the resistance loss according to the flow rate of water in the pipe (determined by the size of the pipe) and the length of the pipe, the condenser in the local resistance chiller (can be found in the manual of the water-cooled chiller), and the control elements. Since the cooling water is a circulating system, the high level difference can not be considered, but only the high level difference of the cooling tower. The pipe flow rate can generally be taken as about 1m/s, you can press: (pressure drop per meter of pipe MPa/m) i=0.0000107 × V × V ÷ d ^ 1.3 formula, where V is the average flow rate (m/s), so the circulating water pump head is also determined.

Of course, if you are not sure about this and do not guarantee that the pump model you choose can achieve the use effect, you can submit it to the manufacturer of the water-cooled chiller to match to ensure the smooth flow of the cooling water circulation system. You can also provide the model of circulating water pump you choose to the factory, and then the factory will judge whether it can match the water-cooled chiller.

In a water chiller, the circulating water pump that conveys coolant plays a crucial role. How to maximize the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system while achieving maximum output with more efficient and energy-saving cooling circulating water pumps, and provide faster cooling for equipment, is an urgent demand and development trend facing the market.

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