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What is horizontal centrifugal circulating water pump?

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Horizontal centrifugal circulating water pump is a circulating water pump that can deliver both hot water and normal temperature water. Generally, the circulating water pump is set at the heating station, heat source or cold source. In the closed loop of the heating system or air-conditioning water system, the circulating water pump does not lift the water to a high level, but makes the water circulate in the system repeatedly to overcome the resistance loss of the loop, which has no direct relationship with the height of the building, so it is called the circulating water pump.

circulating water pump

Type of horizontal centrifugal circulating water pump

There are basically two types of cold and hot water circulating water pumps. One is the hot water circulating water pump that transports hot water or high temperature water above 80 ℃ as a closed-loop circulation; The other is the circulating water pump that transports the normal temperature liquid and the medium below 80 ℃. We also call it the cold water circulating water pump or the low temperature coolant circulating water pump.

1. S-type horizontal centrifugal double-suction circulating water pump

S-type cold and hot water circulating water pump is applicable to factories, mines, urban water supply, power stations, tap water, farmland irrigation and various water conservancy projects. The suction inlet and discharge outlet of the S-type cold and hot water circulating water pump are both below the pump's axis and in a horizontal direction perpendicular to the axis. Convenient maintenance, no need to disassemble inlet and outlet pipes and motors, high efficiency and energy saving, wide application range. S-type cold and hot water circulating water pump is a new type of energy-saving horizontal double-suction pump, mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, shaft, impeller, sealing ring, shaft sleeve, bearing parts, etc. Its suction and discharge ports are below the pump axis. During maintenance, as long as the pump cover is removed, all parts can be removed for maintenance. It can be used to transport clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. According to user needs, it can be used to transport sediment laden water or various corrosive liquids by changing the pump structure and material.

2. DG horizontal centrifugal high-pressure high-temperature circulating water pump

DG high temperature circulating water pump can be used to transport clean water or liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water, and is suitable for medium and low pressure boiler or sub-high pressure boiler water supply, as well as high pressure water supply and drainage in factories or cities. The transmission medium temperature is - 20 ℃~150 ℃, and the allowable inlet pressure is less than 0.6MPa. DG high-temperature circulating water pump adopts the hydraulic model of high-efficiency energy-saving products recommended by the state. It has the advantages of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. The inlet and outlet of DG high temperature circulating water pump are vertically upward, and the pump shell parts such as the inlet section, middle section, outlet section and bearing body of the pump are connected into one by tightening bolts. Select the pump stage according to the pump head.

Selection of circulating water pump

In the case of cold and hot water circulating water pump, the following requirements shall be met:

(1) The total flow of the cold and hot water circulating water pump shall not be less than the total design flow of the pipe network. When a bypass pipe is installed from the outlet of the hot water boiler to the suction of the circulating water pump, the flow through the bypass pipe shall be included.

(2) The flow-head characteristic curve of the cold and hot water circulating water pump should be relatively flat near the working point of the pump, so that when the hydraulic condition of the network changes, the head of the circulating water pump changes slightly. Generally, the characteristic curve of single-stage water pump is relatively flat, so single-stage water pump should be selected as circulating water pump.

(3) The pressure bearing and temperature resistance of the cold and hot water circulating water pump shall be compatible with the design parameters of the heating network. The circulating water pump is mostly installed on the return pipe of the heating network. The allowable working temperature of circulating water pump shall not be lower than 80 ℃. If it is installed on the water supply pipe of the heating network, the high-temperature resistant hot water circulating water pump must be used.

(4) The working point of the cold and hot water circulating water pump shall be within the efficient working range of the pump.

(5) The determination of the number of cold and hot water circulating water pumps is related to the heating regulation mode adopted by the hot water heating system. The number of circulating water pumps shall not be less than two, one for standby. When four or more water pumps operate in parallel, standby water pumps may not be set. When centralized mass regulation is adopted, water pumps of the same model should be selected for parallel operation.

(6) Multi-heat source networking operation or single heat source heating system with central mass-flow regulation shall be adopted, and the circulating water pump of heat source shall be variable frequency speed pump.

(7) When the hot water heating system adopts the quality regulation of changing the flow in stages, the flow and head of each stage are different. In order to save electric energy, pump sets with different flow and head should be selected.

(8) For the hot water heating system with hot water supply heat load, the network flow in non-heating period is far less than the flow in heating period, so it can be considered to add circulating water pump for special hot water load.

(9) When multiple water pumps are running in parallel, the hydraulic characteristic curve of the water pump and the heat supply network shall be drawn to determine its working point and select the water pump.

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