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How to maintain circulating water pump?

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The circulating water pump refers to the circulating water pump used for conveying reaction, absorption, separation and absorption liquid regeneration in the device. Its head is low, and it is only used to overcome the pressure drop of the circulating system. The low head pump can be used.

1、 Function of circulating water pump

For the wet-cooled condenser unit, the circulating water pump is mainly used to provide cooling water to the condenser of the steam turbine and condense the steam turbine exhaust into the condenser; In addition, it also provides cooling water for some oil coolers and coolers.

circulating water pump

2、 Pre-start inspection items of circulating water pump

1) Check and clean the water tank of the cold water tower, and there shall be no sundries;

2) Confirm that the water level of the cooling tower is normal;

3) The air test motor is completed, the steering direction is correct, and the coupling between the motor and the pump has been connected;

4) Fill the rubber bearing with water, start the circulating water pump without lubricating water, and the rubber bearing will be burnt out instantly;

5) It is appropriate to adjust the packing gland to a small amount of water; When the packing is too tight, it is easy to burn the packing;

6) When starting for the first time or after stopping for a long time, the rotor should be turned flexibly;

7) The exhaust valve is in working condition;

8) Check that the oil level of the motor and outlet valve oil station is normal, the oil quality and color are normal, and turn on the cooling water of the upper bearing of the motor;

9) Check that all meters are complete and intact;

3、 Monitoring and inspection contents of circulating water pump during operation

Current, outlet pressure, vibration, sound, bearing oil level, oil quality, outlet valve oil station pressure, temperature, cold water tower level, circulating water pump inlet filter screen water level difference, etc;

4、 How to start the first circulating water pump

1) Confirm that the circulating water system has been filled with water and the starting conditions of the circulating water pump are met;

2) Contact the chemical to start the circulating cooling water make-up pump, open the cooling water valve of each circulating water pump bearing and motor bearing, and check that the cooling water pressure of the circulating water pump is normal;

3) Start the first circulating water pump by sequence control, check that the rotor of the circulating water pump rotates, the outlet butterfly valve opens normally, and monitor that the starting current and return time are normal, and the current does not exceed the limit;

4) Check that the circulating water pump operates normally without abnormal noise, the temperature of the motor and bearing is normal, the temperature and water leakage of the water pump packing gland are normal, and the motor vibration is normal;

5) Check that the water level in the circulating water forebay and water tower is normal, the water level has no abnormal fluctuation, and the cooling tower is normal;

6) Check that the inlet and return water pressure of the condenser is normal, and close the air valve in time after the water chamber discharges air, and check that there is no leakage in the system;

7) Switch the cooling water of the circulating water pump set to self-supply according to the situation, and contact the chemical to stop the circulating cooling water make-up pump;

8) Check that the standby pump meets the starting conditions, and put the circulating water pump interlock or start the standby pump as required.

5、 How to deal with the abnormal oil pressure at the outlet oil station of the circulating water pump?

1) Check whether the oil level of the circulating water pump oil station is normal and whether the oil system leaks;

2) Check whether the control power supply, power supply and local control box power supply of the service station are normal;

3) Check whether the overflow valve of the local oil station acts;

4) Whether there is any person opening the oil unloading valve by mistake;

5) It can be pressurized manually locally to maintain the stability of oil pressure, and contact the maintenance personnel to find out the cause of failure in time;

6) If the oil pressure cannot be maintained, start the standby circulating water pump in time to prevent the fault circulating water pump from tripping due to the wrong closing of the hydraulic butterfly valve at the outlet of the fault circulating water pump and the abnormality of the circulating water system;

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