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Research direction of engine cooling water pump

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Engine cooling water pump plays a very important role in auto parts. If it breaks, the car will not be able to run normally for a long time, because the high temperature emitted by the engine will make the equipment around the engine unable to run normally, and finally the car will not be able to run for a long time.

With the improvement of engine matching requirements and the continuous expansion of application fields, the frequency of special working conditions is higher and higher, and the requirements for cooling water pump technology are also increasing. How to continuously improve the efficiency of engine cooling water pump, expand its operating range and ensure its reliability under the conditions of space limitation, high temperature and variable speed are the key issues to be studied and solved urgently.

1.  Study on the internal flow mechanism of engine cooling water pump. The internal flow field of the engine cooling water pump is extremely complicated due to its unique structure and unique internal flow channel pattern and the rotating movement of the impeller. The formation mechanism, mathematical description method and the interaction between flow field and structure of the internal flow field of the engine cooling water pump are not very clear. As a verification and supplement to the numerical calculation method, PIV measurement is an important direction for future research to explore the real flow law in the engine cooling water pump and establish a modern design method for the engine cooling water pump.

engine cooling water pump

2. Research on cavitation mechanism of engine cooling water pump. Due to the high working water temperature, its complex thermodynamic properties have an important impact on the cavitation performance, and the generation mechanism is difficult to grasp; At the same time, the overall size of the structure is limited and the operating conditions vary greatly, and the process of cavitation initiation, development, collapse and destruction is full of uncertainties, especially the cavitation conditions under non-design conditions are difficult to predict and solve. Therefore, mastering the cavitation mechanism under the thermodynamic effect of engine cooling water pump, discussing the harm of cavitation induced pressure pulsation, and further improving the performance and reliability of engine cooling water pump are important contents that need to be carried out more in-depth and systematic research.

3. Research on standardized and intelligent controllable electric water pump. With the improvement of design methods, the modular and standardized development of bearing system, water seal system and impeller system will greatly shorten the design cycle, reduce production costs and improve the versatility of parts. At the same time, to realize real-time control of engine cooling water pump and adapt to the change of working conditions through frequency conversion and speed regulation, replacing the traditional mechanical water pump by electric water pump will be the development trend of engine cooling water pump.

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