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Which electric water pump is best?

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The electric water pump is mainly used for the circulating cooling of the power battery pack, drive motor and electric components of new energy vehicles, which often has to withstand a variety of bad working conditions. Excellent material solutions from Shenpeng Company can provide excellent strength, dimensional stability, thermal stability and chemical resistance for key components targeted at the working conditions of different components such as pump housing, water jacket and impeller.So when choosing a electric water pump, you need to choose one that has good performance in all aspects and is suitable for your own product

Electric water pump housing: under the working conditions of coolant and thermal cycle, the materials of relevant parts need excellent strength, low moisture absorption and heat resistance. Shenpeng's excellent material solutions can improve the dimensional stability of the electric water pump housing, enabling it to withstand temperatures ranging from - 40 ° C to 140 ° C.

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Electric water pump riser: it requires strict size control, and can withstand mechanical stress and contact with ethylene glycol. Shenpeng's excellent material solutions help improve the coolant resistance of components at high temperatures, while providing excellent dimensional stability.

Electric water pump impeller: It must have excellent size control accuracy, low moisture absorption and high mechanical strength. The excellent material solution of ShenPeng Company can improve the hydrolysis resistance of the electric water pump impeller, so that it can maintain reliable performance under high and low temperature conditions.

Shenpeng electric water pump features energy saving, emission reduction, high efficiency, environmental protection and intelligent cooling. "Precise cooling" is to achieve the best temperature distribution with the least coolant flow. The key to the design of the accurate cooling system is to select the matching cooling water pump to ensure that the cooling capacity of the system can meet the needs of the working temperature of the key areas of the engine at low speed and high load. For the engine with electric water pump cooling system, the coolant flow can be reduced by 40% in the whole operating speed range. Under the same configuration and cooling requirements, the energy consumption of electric DC brushless water pump is only 16% of that of mechanical water pump.

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