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What is hot water circulating pump?

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The hot water circulating pump is a water pump that acts on the hot water and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. In short, the hot water circulating pump is the core component of the hot water circulating system. Now many families want to realize the zero cold water experience when the tap is turned on. If they want to achieve zero cold water, they need to build a hot water circulating system, so they can't do without a hot water circulating pump.

hot water circulating pump

Working principle of hot water circulating pump

1. There is a water return pipe: turn on the tap, and the water is sensed by the temperature sensor. If it is cold water, open the valve, and let the cold water flow into the water heater for secondary heating. When the temperature sensor senses hot water, immediately turn off the valve, and the tap will discharge hot water;

2. No return pipe: when the temperature sensor senses cold water, the check valve is opened to discharge the cold water to the cold water pipe. When hot water is delivered, the check valve is closed and the tap delivers hot water.

Advantages and disadvantages of hot water circulating pump

1.Advantages of hot water circulating pump

1)Save time, because as soon as the tap is turned on, the hot water will come out immediately.

2)Save water resources.

2. Disadvantages of hot water circulating pump

1)The domestic hot water circulating pump usually has 4 operation modes for relative energy consumption. If the temperature control mode is selected, the water heater and circulating pump must be turned on all day.

2)It is relatively troublesome to use. If you choose a remote control mode that saves energy, you must turn on the circulating pump every time you use it, which is not very convenient to use.

Does the domestic hot water circulating pump work well?

Hot water circulating pump, with the advantages of comfort, stability and water saving, is a necessity for modern household life. Generally, the hot water circulating pump uses temperature and time to control the temperature. It can set the time by appointment to ensure that no energy will be wasted due to people not at home. Moreover, it can set its favorite hot water temperature at will, especially when the system temperature does not reach the set temperature, the circulating pump will start to circulate, so as to ensure that the water in the system will always keep constant temperature during the set water use period. In a word, the hot water circulating pump works well.

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