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Technical Analysis of Water Heating Mattress Pump

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The water heating mattress pump refers to a type of water pump that acts on a water heating bed and causes the liquid in the sealed pipeline to flow from one end to the other through the pump. This cycle is repeated, and the water heating mattress water pump is generally divided into a DC 12V voltage and an AC 220V voltage.

The water Heating mattress that has been placed for more than one year, when you take it out for use, you will find that the main engine cannot start normally or the Water Heating Mattress pump does not cycle at all. We can analyze the technical reasons from the following aspects:

Water Heating Mattress Pump

1. It may be that the hose is not smooth, which causes the water heating mattress pump not to work circularly.

2. It may be that there is no water in the water heating mattress, which causes that the water heating mattress pump can not work circularly.

3. It may be the impurities (scale) in the water heating mattress that cause the water heating mattress pump to be stuck and the host cannot start normally.

From the above reason analysis, it can be seen that the first and second points are relatively easy to deal with, but the third point is that the water heating mattress pump is stuck, which is difficult to deal with. At present, the problem of "water heating mattress pump stuck" has become a problem in the industry, while the host equipped with Shenpeng water heating mattress pump rarely has such a problem. This is due to the 18 years of technical precipitation and innovation of Shenpeng, breaking through the industry barriers from multiple angles and dimensions, and solving the technical problem of "water pump stuck" in the industry.

Why does the water heating mattress pump get stuck?

Most users of water heating mattresses add tap water. There are many kinds of impurities in tap water, which will cause the water heating mattress pump to jam over time. What are the impurities in tap water? There are six categories:

1、 Sediment is caused by pipeline leakage and secondary water supply in the community, which is also common.

2、 Rust, because most of the water pipes are made of iron, it is easy to rust after a long time of use, and the fallen rust will enter the home with the water.

3、 Residual chlorine, the waterworks use chloroform to sterilize, and there will be a certain amount of residue after use.

4、 Chemical organic solvent mainly comes from the pollution of chemical industry. The content of chemical organic solvent is different due to different water source environments.

5、 Heavy metals mainly refer to mercury, lead, etc.

6、 The content of mineral elements varies in different regions. In some places, calcium ions and magnesium ions are very high, which is what we often call hard water.

The above are the common types of impurities in tap water, which are easy to cause the water heating mattress pump to get stuck if they are precipitated too much.

Water Heating Mattress Pump

How does Shenpeng solve the problem of "water heating mattress pump jamming"

1. During the production of the water heating mattress pump, Shenpeng adopts strict incoming material inspection, high-precision molds and highly demanding production standards, and the quality control throughout the whole process, from development to mass production, to ensure the consistency of the precision of the rotor journals in mass production, and to avoid the seizure of the water heating mattress pump due to dimensional deviation caused by precision problems.

2. Based on years of research and development experience, ShenPeng Fluid Structure Design and Research Engineer has developed a more reasonable pump channel structure, which allows greater impurities to pass through the pump reasonably to avoid jamming of the pump on the premise of ensuring the ultra quiet of the water heating mattress pump.

In the future, Shenpeng will continue to strengthen technical innovation, create more high-quality products, overcome industry problems with technical innovation, solve problems for customers, and win customer recognition with high-quality products and services. After 18 years of technical innovation and precipitation, Shenpeng has become a global expert in brushless DC water pump solutions.

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