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What is water pump 12v?

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Water pump 12v is also called 12v water pump,it refers to the micro water pump powered by 12V DC power supply, with one inlet and one outlet, and the working medium is water or liquid,a compact instrument. Water pump 12v has various power supply modes:


1. Switch the DC stabilized voltage power supply for variable voltage power supply.

2. It can also be powered by on-board batteries

3. The solar panel can also be used for power supply, which is quite convenient to use.


water pump 12v

Compared with AC water pump, water pump 12v has a wider range of use and is safer. Because of its small size, low noise, low power consumption and other advantages, it can be widely used for water circulation, cooling, lifting, transfer, pressurization, spraying, water circulation, transportation and other purposes. water pump 12v can be divided into 12v diaphragm pump, 12v centrifugal pump, 12v gear pump, 12v pneumatic diaphragm pump, etc. according to different categories.


Application scope of water pump 12v:

water pump 12v has a wide range of applications: it can be used in automobile industry, water heater, intelligent toilet, dishwasher, water heating mattress, coffee machine, industrial chiller, laser machine, printer, air conditioning equipment, computer, washing machine, medical beauty equipment, humidifier, floor sweeper, water dispenser, soilless cultivation, aquarium, solar fountain, household tap water pressurization, car washing, ship Shanghai water desalination, reverse osmosis water purifier Water treatment equipment, filter, spray device, chemical metering and liquid adding, sanitation, environmental protection, printing and other industries.

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