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What is circulating water pump?

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The circulating water pump, also known as the centrifugal circulating water pump, is the power of the water supply circulating system to ensure that the water can circulate in the system according to the set flow. The circulating water pump includes single-stage circulating water pump, multi-stage circulating water pump, single-stage double suction centrifugal circulating water pump, etc. The pump shaft rotates, and the internal water flow is centrifugal. Circulating water pumps are widely used in industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical electronics, building water supply and other industries. Circulating water pumps are common in heating and air-conditioning water systems. For example, hot water recycling pumps are installed on the return water pipes of the heating system to increase indoor temperature by improving hot water circulation. Circulating water pumps are also widely used in zero cold water heaters, computer water cooling systems, energy storage industries, chillers, automobile industries, etc, These industries use small water circulation pumps, and the voltage is generally 12v, 24v or 48v DC. Working principle of circulating water pump.The pump used to circulate water is called recirculating pump.

circulating water pump

Composition of circulating water pump:

The basic structure of circulating water pump consists of impeller, pump body, pump cover, water retaining ring and pump shaft. The bearing, seal ring, stuffing box and axial force balancing device are composed of eight parts. The circulating water pump works through the rotation of the impeller to make the water produce centrifugal movement. Circulating water pumps include self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, pipeline pumps, diaphragm pumps, screw pumps, pipeline pumps and magnetic pumps.

Structure and function of circulating water pump

1. Impeller is the core component of circulating water pump, which has high speed and large output force.

2. The pump body, also known as the pump housing, is the main body of the circulating water pump. It plays a supporting and fixing role and is connected with the bracket to install the bearing.

3. The function of the pump shaft is to connect the motor with the coupling to transmit the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is the main part of the transmission of mechanical energy.

4. The stuffing box is mainly made of stuffing, which can prevent the water in the pump from flowing to the outside and the external air from entering the pump. Keep the vacuum in the circulating water pump at all times. When the pump shaft and the gasket rub to generate heat, water must be injected into the gasket ring through the water seal pipe to cool the gasket.

5. Axial force balancing device. During the operation of the circulating water pump, as the liquid enters the impeller under low pressure and flows out under high pressure, the pressure on both sides of the impeller is not equal, and the axial thrust towards the inlet direction is generated. This will cause the rotor to move axially, causing wear and vibration. Therefore, axial thrust bearing should be installed to balance the axial force.

circulating water pump

Precautions for installing circulating water pumps

1. Before installation, check whether the inlet and outlet of circulating water pump are blocked by foreign matters;

2. Before installing into the system, the sundries in the system pipeline shall be washed away to prevent the sundries from winding around the impeller during the operation of the circulating water pump, which may cause the rotor blockage;

3. During installation, the circulating water pump shall be installed with gentle force, not with strong force, so as not to damage the pump body;

4. The inlet and outlet of the circulating water pump shall be equipped with unions for easy assembly and disassembly.

5. For safety wiring, the plug of three strand wire with ground wire shall be used, and the ground wire end shall be connected with the motor shell to ensure safety.

6. The product has low noise. When checking whether it is rotating, you need to use a screwdriver to hold your ear and listen carefully.

7. The diving rotating part is lubricated by water, so please do not run without water for a long time.

circulating water pump

Characteristics of circulating water pump:

1. The circulating water pump adopts excellent hydraulic model and advanced manufacturing technology, which greatly improves the performance and service life of the pump.

2. As the shaft seal is made of cemented carbide and fluororubber, it can improve the reliability of the circulating water pump operation and the temperature of the transmission medium.

3. The overflow part of the pump is made of stainless steel plate by stamping and welding, which makes the pump suitable for slightly corrosive media.

4. The overall structure is compact, small in size, light in weight, low in noise, significant in energy saving, and convenient in maintenance.

5. The water inlet and outlet of the pump are located on the same horizontal line of the pump base and can be directly used in the pipeline.

6. The standard motor is adopted, and users can easily equip the motor according to their needs.

7. The intelligent protector can be equipped according to the user's needs to effectively protect the pump from dry running, phase loss, overload, etc.

Main purposes of circulating water pump:

1. Water supply: filtration and transmission of the water plant, water supply by zones of the water plant, main pipe pressurization, and high-rise building pressurization.

2. Industrial pressurization: process water system, cleaning system, high-pressure flushing system, fire protection system.

3. Industrial liquid transportation: cooling and air conditioning system, boiler water supply and condensation system, machine tool matching, acid and alkaline medium transportation.

4. Water treatment: water treatment system of ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system, separator and swimming pool.

5. Irrigation: farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.

Medium delivered by circulating water pump:

1. Thin, clean, nonflammable and explosive media without solid particles or fibers.

2. Such as mineral water, softened water, pure water, clear oil and other light chemical media.

3. The main material of the circulating water pump is stainless steel, which can be used for pumping slightly corrosive media.

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