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The online training meeting of Shenpeng Electronic SRM/WMS system was successfully held!

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Recently, the online training meeting of Shenpeng Electronic SRM/WMS system was successfully held! SRM/WMS system is an important starting point for Shenpeng Electronic to realize resource sharing, strengthen the company's supply chain management, achieve integrated supply chain collaborative services, and build Shenpeng Electronic supply chain management. The ERP engineer and the procurement director introduced the operation of SRM/WMS platform in detail for nearly 100 suppliers' representatives of Shenpeng Electronics in this training meeting, and solved their problems.


In order to prepare for the supplier training before going online, the SRM/WMS project team of Shenpeng Electronics has developed a detailed user training plan, which has done a lot of preparation for user training, including the preparation of user operation manual, training PPT courseware, and user operation video, to provide all-round learning support for user training. At the same time, the training work has also been highly valued and fully supported by the senior management of Shenpeng Electronics.

Mr. Cheng said that in recent years, Shenpeng has focused on the technical development of the DC brushless water pump industry, actively explored the field of intelligent manufacturing technology, with a view to ensuring the stability of customer quality, digitally connecting the whole process of water pump manufacturing, taking the intelligence of key manufacturing links as the core, and network connectivity as the support, and establishing cars, household appliances Bathroom and water heating are the core of the intelligent factory of water pump system products. The launch of the SRM/WMS system is an important project to achieve this goal.

Shenpeng Electronics collected the business needs of water pumps, and went through the process of SRM/WMS type selection research, technical exchange, technical scheme verification, etc. At the same time, Shenpeng Electronics also conducted careful type selection inspection on platform suppliers and implementation services. Finally, both parties reached an agreement to jointly promote the deepening application of SRM/WMS in Shenpeng Electronics. In the previous communication, Shenpeng Electronics pointed out that, based on the existing supply chain management, supplier information and procurement information cannot realize the information management of the supply chain, and many aspects of supplier daily management still need tedious manual operation and management, which seriously affects the efficiency of supply chain management and the effectiveness of information transmission. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out professional management through supply chain collaboration to optimize the existing supply chain management mode and improve the supply chain management and control level.

SRM/WMS system

At the training meeting, the leader of Shenzhen Peng asked the supplier to attach great importance to the SRM/WMS system, patiently explore and carefully verify in the process of applying the system, and build the SRM/WMS system into a system that is easy to use, practical and loved by everyone. In the later stage, Shenpeng Electronics will work hand in hand with suppliers and interact effectively, further promote the integration with QMS, WMS and other systems, deepen the application of quality collaboration, order collaboration, receipt and shipment collaboration and other functions, and jointly build a more powerful and efficient supply chain management.


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