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2022 Shenpeng Autumn Training Meeting

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The ability to obtain customers is one of the basic abilities for an enterprise to survive, and marketing is an important leader for enterprise development. In order to continue to build a powerful and executive marketing team of Shenzhen Peng Internet and improve the organizational effectiveness of the marketing team, the company invited Mr. Dong Renjie, CEO of ZTE Overseas Branch, to give a training on Key Account Marketing Management during the preparation of the "2022 Autumn Training Conference".

At present, the marketing process systems of many enterprises are scattered and disorderly, inefficient, weak in obtaining business opportunities for large projects, slow in responding to customer needs, confused customer interfaces, relying on individual combat, and difficult to form team combat effectiveness, resulting in low market bid winning rate, high project delivery risk, slow payment collection, and even the existence of business risks such as "rotten projects" and bad debts. Dong Renjie, teacher of ZTE


Under the background of overseas strategic objectives of communication, focusing on customer needs and value realization, ZTE deeply shared its marketing process system with Shenzhen Peng's partners, and analyzed the gap between enterprise business results based on years of experience and cases in major customer marketing; Strategic and competitive advantage gap analysis; In depth discussion on market, customer, competitor gap analysis, etc


The marketing team provided valuable guidance. Teacher Dong Renjie said that the goal of marketing reform is to make customers more satisfied and finance more healthy. The main business flow that runs through the company's operation from business opportunities to payment collection and end-to-end carries the company's largest logistics, capital flow and human investment, and is also one of the company's main business processes facing customers.

Focusing on customer demand and using key customer development skills to achieve sales volume

Shenpeng team urgently needs to promote the iteration of marketing management upgrading, comprehensively introduce the key account marketing management system, focus on the core value of "focusing on customer needs and creating value for customers", pay attention to customer needs and pain point research, take value output as the guidance, accurately match customer needs, achieve sales volume, and achieve the company's overall business indicators.

By connecting business activities and resources in various functional areas of the enterprise, it aims at customer value and realizes cross domain business collaboration; Among them, the communication between customers and enterprises is two-way. At each stage, there are multi frequency, multi angle and multi role communication to ensure the integrity, understanding and closed-loop processing of customer needs, from the formulation of strategies to the implementation of contracts and after-sales service

This is true of all things; In addition, the Shenzhen Pengzhou Iron Triangle (sales, project and finance) is not a relationship of separation of powers and mutual restriction, but a community bound together, so as to better focus on business sustainable development.

In a word, the training content is the business process reconstruction from the perspective of customers. Everything is centered on customers. It is an end-to-end process of "discovering potential business opportunities - cultivating effective business opportunities - transforming business opportunities into orders - managing order execution and payment collection" established from the perspective of focusing on customer needs. Open up the whole process marketing management system from potential business opportunities to payment collection, and establish an "iron triangle"

As the core front sales team, optimize the evaluation and decision-making system, improve the basic authorization rules, standardize the key control points in the sales process, and form an efficient marketing operation process with the help of the company's information platform.


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