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Shenpeng Talent Training Camp

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In the VUCA era, when many challenges and opportunities such as international conflict, policy adjustment, social change, market disorder, intensified competition, information explosion, and outstanding employee personality come to us, Shenzhen Peng is in a rapid development stage, and middle and senior managers must have stronger leadership.


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Leadership means analyzing problems from the macro perspective and the overall situation, and adhering to the established goals and missions when engaging in specific work; Leadership also means that Shenpeng Electronics can more easily jump out of the level of a project, a department, and a region, and respond to a more complex and changing world with an integrated, long-term, and balanced approach; Leadership also means that managers can pay more attention to their relationship with others while caring about their own needs, and always try to find a more balanced, equal, more honest and more efficient solution in continuous communication.



Recently, the two-day Shenzhen Peng Electronics "Shenzhen Peng Talent Training Camp - Training Plan for Improving Middle and Senior Management Ability" was successfully concluded. The training aims to further improve the company's management level and enhance the executive and combat effectiveness of middle and senior managers.

General manager

General Manager Cheng expressed the hope that this training has further broadened the vision of the company's cadres at all levels, broadened their ideas, updated their ideas, and further improved their ability to deal with and solve problems. In particular, they have a new understanding of how to become an excellent middle-level manager, laying a foundation for the improvement of the management ability of Shenzhen Peng Electronics.



In order to build an excellent team with cultural heritage, cohesion, combat effectiveness, courage to take on responsibilities, dare to fight big battles, and be able to win battles, in accordance with the requirements of "2022 Talent Strategic Plan" of Shenzhen Peng Electronics, Shenzhen Peng Electronics specially organized the company's middle and senior leaders to participate in the "Training Plan for Improving Middle and Senior Management Ability" series of training courses for senior master Feng Nanshai (an expert in management practice in the Internet era). In the two-day training, Ms. Feng Nanshai gave wonderful lectures on the themes of "managers' role cognition and positioning", "repositioning from profession to management" and "skills of coaching subordinates".

 The participants agreed that this series of training was rich in content, innovative and targeted, especially through case analysis, scenario simulation, centralized discussion, group presentation and other well-designed links, which effectively achieved the goal of learning something and applying it. The trainees have gained a lot in target plan management, efficient communication and improvement of execution, which is of great significance for the management and construction of the company.


Learn to broaden your talents, and practice to reach the future. Shenpeng Electronics insists on cultivating the professional ability of the management team, fully tapping the potential of talents, efficiently responding to new competition and challenges in the new environment, promoting enterprise development, enhancing enterprise innovation ability, better meeting customer needs, and better serving economic and social development.


Internal learning sharing meeting


After the training, the company held an internal learning and sharing meeting of the Training Plan for Improving the Competence of Middle and Senior Management, which called on all the middle and senior leaders to apply the professional knowledge learned in the training course to their actual work, and continued to improve their management skills around "managers' role recognition and positioning", "from professional to management repositioning" and "coaching skills for subordinates".

At the sharing meeting, four outstanding student representatives shared their training experience, communication and improvement, and the experience of promoting the development of Shenzhen Peng.


This sharing meeting is held by the company to promote the exchange and communication among all management cadres. The management cadres will share their experience and experience with the participants, broaden their ideas and share their wisdom.

In the future, the company will continue to hold a number of regular sharing meetings, and strive to build a better communication and collaborative research platform for management cadres, so as to improve the business management level of all cadres and promote the continuous and in-depth development of lean production of the company.

The end point is also the starting point. The conclusion of the camp does not mean the end, but a new start. Our real combat journey is about to start. Let's go to the battlefield, lead the team to overcome difficulties and create new heights, and add luster to the enterprise!


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