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Application of electric water pump in automobile field

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Electric water pump is a pump with an electronic control drive unit. It is mainly composed of three parts: overcurrent unit, motor unit and electronic control unit. With the help of the electronic control unit, the working state of the pump can be adjusted freely, such as: control the start/stop of the pump, flow control, pressure control, dry running protection, self-maintenance and other functions, and can control the pump through external signals.

The magnet and impeller of the electric water pump are integrally formed to form the magnetic rotor of the motor. There is a shaft sleeve directly injection molded in the middle of the rotor. The shaft sleeve is a high-performance abrasive graphite fixed in the rotor body, and the motor stator and circuit board pump body are filled with epoxy resin. There is a cavity between the stator and the rotor. The pump body cavity is connected with the rotor cavity of the motor. The rotor cavity of the motor is completely isolated from the motor stator and motor controls. The rotating shaft is made of high-smooth, high-strength zirconia. The shaft connects the motor and the pump body into one, without the need for a conventional mechanical shaft seal, so it is completely sealed and leak-proof.

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The power of the electric water pump is relatively small, generally below 1000W, and the motor is generally a DC brushless motor. Electric water pump has many advantages such as compact structure, convenient use, powerful function, long service life, stable performance, low noise, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. Therefore, it is favored by people in the industry. With the rapid development of industry, the application fields of electric water pumps are becoming more and more extensive, especially in the field of new energy vehicles. In addition, with the rapid development of technology, the application of micro electric water pumps in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and fields will be a brand-new change, which has far-reaching significance for the development of modern technology industries.

The new energy vehicle cooling water pump is a mechanical device used to accelerate the circulation of vehicle coolant. However, the existing automobile cooling water pump usually has a complicated structure, uses many parts, and has a high production cost. In addition, the existing automobile cooling water pump has a large flow rate. The passing coolant contains a lot of impurities. If these impurities are not removed, the normal operation of the pump will be affected and the service life of the pump will be shortened. Conventional impellers on the market are usually made of metal materials, which are easily corroded and oxidized, easily damaged, and have a short service life.

In order to ensure the normal use of the electrical components of new energy vehicles, the inlet coolant temperature is not higher than 65°C. Therefore, the cooling circuit composed of the radiator, electric water pump, motor controller, and drive motor series is a low-temperature cooling circuit (relative to the engine Cooling circuit). The main function of the electric water pump is to meet the technical requirements of thermal management under any working conditions of the vehicle, such as drive motors and electric components. In new energy vehicles, the demand for electric water pumps differs depending on the components to be cooled. Generally, the power requirement of the electric water pump for cooling the driving motor and the electrical components of the passenger car is usually 150W or less, and an electric water pump driven by a 12V DC motor can be used, and the water pump can be in a form that eliminates static and dynamic seals. 

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