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Introduction of smart toilet pump without water tank

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smart toilet pump

Smart toilet pump is a DC brushless water pump specially used on smart toilets. It refers to the use of DC 4.5V~24V to drive the brushless motor to operate. The rotation of the brushless motor drives the rotation of the impeller, thereby increasing the pressure of the liquid. A device capable of transferring liquid.

What is a smart toilet without a water tank?

There are currently two types of smart toilets on the market, one is a smart toilet with a water tank, and the other is a smart toilet without a water tank. The smart toilet without a water tank has no water tank to store water, and the toilet needs to be flushed through the pressure of tap water, and some tap water pipes If the pressure is not enough, it is necessary to use the intelligent toilet booster pump to effectively, quickly and cleanly flush the toilet.

Working principle of smart toilet without water tank

The toilet without a water tank is a new type of water-saving toilet that does not have a water tank and is directly flushed with city tap water. It makes full use of the urban tap water pressure and the pressure of the smart toilet booster pump, and applies the principle of fluid mechanics to match the amount of flushed water and the kinetic energy of flushing wonderfully. The amount of flushed water is determined by the amount of urine and urine, and the stool is generally between 2-3L , Urine is generally between 1-2L, and the water saving effect can reach more than 50%. Not only does it eliminate the peculiar smell caused by water quality or pollution of the water tank sitting on the toilet, but also touch or induction or remote control methods also embellish the bathroom environment.

Advantages of smart toilet without water tank:

1. It is easy to clean, reduce the bacteria in the toilet, and reduce odor. Because the smart toilet without water tank does not have a water storage tank, there is no need to clean it; and the smart toilet with a water tank needs to use the water stored in the water tank, which will cause a certain amount of bacteria in the water and need to be cleaned regularly.

2. Save water. Most of the smart toilets with water tanks have not passed the water-saving test. Therefore, 6L or even 9L of water is used for one flush in daily use. The smart toilet without water tank is not suitable for water storage tanks, so it can clean the inside of the toilet with very little water flow each time.

3. Power supply methods are becoming safer and more convenient. Some toilets without water tanks can be used with dry electricity. That is, no external power supply is required, and the toilet can operate normally with dry batteries.

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