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How to choose the right water heating mattress pump?

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water heating mattress pump

Water heating mattress pumps are mainly used on water heating mattresses, water blankets, and water heating kang to deliver the heated water to the water heating mattresses for human body heating. Most of the water heating mattress pumps use brushless DC magnetic drive centrifugal pumps. The design of this series of pumps is compact, light and very quiet. It includes a leak-free static seal, a wide range of operating voltage, stable performance, long service life, and can meet the needs of various users, and focuses on the advantages of simple arrangement, operation and maintenance.

Plumbing mattresses are also called plumbing blankets, plumbing electric blankets, and constant temperature plumbing blankets. They are composed of two parts: plumbing mattress and water storage. At present, there are two mainframes on the market, which are single-heat and dual-use.

The water heating Kang is composed of a Kang board and a controller. The Kang board is made of aluminized zinc plate, polyurethane foam material, and the PERT floor heating pipe is embedded in it. The controller uses PTC water and electricity separation heating, ultra-quiet water pump circulation, and a constant temperature intelligent control system as the driving end; the controller and the hot Kang board pipeline accessories It can be used when connected. The water is heated by the PTC pipeline heater and transferred to the hot water kang board for heat transfer. The controller has functions such as water shortage alarm, intelligent heating, and constant temperature control.

water heating mattress pump

How can we choose the right water heating mattress pump?

1. The working principle of water heating mattress and water heating kang:

The water is heated or cooled by the water storage device and delivered by the water pump to the water heating mattress or water heating kang for heating or cooling of the human body.

2. What parameters should be used for the water heating mattress water pump and the water heating Kang water pump?

Choose according to the head. The head of less than 1.7m is mostly used for plumbing mattresses, and the head of 2.2m is used for plumbing beds or double beds.

3. Precautions for water pump selection

1) The heating range of plumbing mattresses is generally within 70 degrees, and some customers require the pump to withstand water temperature of 100 degrees. Therefore, when selecting the pump, it is necessary to confirm the water temperature range and the need for diving.

2) Quiet, low noise and low vibration are required for pump selection.

3) The size and volume of the pump are limited by the customer's installation space. Most customers choose the pump after having the main engine. The size and installation method must be determined when selecting the model.

4) Mattress material. There are currently two types of mattresses: PVC and silicone tubes. The cost of PVC is relatively low. Many customers will choose to reduce the cost. However, the resistance of the PVC cushion is relatively large, and the pump needs a relatively high lift when selecting the type. The cost of the silicone tube is relatively high, and customers who are positioned at high-end will choose this material cushion, and the pump does not need to be too high in head.

5) The size of the mattress also has requirements on the pump lift. The bigger the mattress, the larger the pump lift and flow.

At present, our company has three types of water pumps used in the plumbing mattress and plumbing kang industries, namely P3514, P6028, and P4549. The water pumps are used as media in the plumbing mattresses and water heating kangs. The water in the main unit is used by the water storage device. Heating or cooling is delivered by a water pump to a plumbing mattress or hot water kang board to heat or cool the human body. It repeats and forms a cycle.

Through the above introduction, have you learned how to choose a water heating mattress pump?

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