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What is a car water pump?

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The car water pump is an important component that drives the circulation of coolant, and plays a crucial role in the cooling system of automobiles. It is responsible for driving the coolant to circulate throughout the entire system, thereby taking away the heat generated by the engine and ensuring that the engine operates at its optimal state. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the working principle, types, and maintenance and diagnosis of car water pumps.

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1、 The working principle of car water pumps

The car water pump mainly consists of a pump body, impeller, and shaft. When the engine is running, the crankshaft drives the water pump shaft to rotate through a belt or chain, driving the impeller to rotate inside the pump body. The blades of the impeller drive the coolant to enter the pump body from the inlet pipe, and through the pressure effect of the impeller, it is output from the outlet pipe. During the output process, the coolant passes through components such as the radiator and thermostat, and finally returns to the water pump to complete the entire cycle.

2、 Types of Car Water Pumps

According to different structures and installation positions, car water pumps can be divided into three types: belt driven, chain driven, and electric.

1. Belt driven type: This type of water pump is connected to the engine crankshaft through a belt, and relies on the friction force of the belt to drive the water pump shaft to rotate. It is suitable for various vehicle models, but in some cases, the belt can easily slip or break, affecting the cooling effect.

2. Chain driven type: The chain driven water pump is connected to the engine crankshaft through a chain, and relies on the tension of the chain to drive the water pump shaft to rotate. It has high transmission efficiency, but requires more professional knowledge and skills during installation and maintenance.

3. Electric type: The electric water pump is driven by an electric motor and connected to the engine crankshaft through an electromagnetic clutch. It has the advantages of simple structure and convenient maintenance, but on some models, the power of the electric water pump may not be sufficient to meet the cooling needs.

3、 Maintenance and Diagnosis of Car Water Pumps

In order to ensure the normal operation of the car water pump, car owners should regularly inspect and maintain the water pump. Here are some suggestions:

1. Check the tension and wear of the belt or chain. If the belt or chain is found to be too loose or severely worn, it should be adjusted or replaced in a timely manner.

2. Check the bearings and impellers of the water pump for wear. If severe wear is found, replace them with new bearings or impellers.

3. Check the level and color of the coolant. If there is insufficient coolant or abnormal color (such as turning black), it should be added or replaced with new coolant in a timely manner.

4. Regularly clean the radiator and condenser to maintain good heat dissipation performance.

If there is a coolant leak or other malfunction, it should be diagnosed and repaired in a timely manner. Common faults include pump body cracks, bearing damage, impeller detachment, etc.

In short, the car water pump is one of the important components that ensure the normal operation of the engine. Car owners should understand its working principle, types, and common faults, and regularly carry out maintenance and inspections. Only in this way can we ensure that the car can maintain good cooling effect under various driving conditions and extend the service life of the engine.


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