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Installation and usage skills of hot water circulation pump

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The hot water circulating pump has the advantages of large flow rate, low noise, long service life, and no water leakage. So how is the hot water circulation pump installed? How to use it after installation? We have organized these issues below. Let's continue to look down together.

hot water circulation pump

Installation method of hot water circulation pump

The installation method of a hot water circulating pump is quite complex, and it is difficult to complete without a certain amount of professional knowledge. At this point, we should invite professional personnel to install. If you are not familiar with it, remember not to install it to avoid damage to the hot water circulation pump.

1. Before installation, please carefully check whether the operating path of the pump has been impacted. During operation, check for hard objects (such as rocks, iron sand, etc.) in the flow channel of the hot water circulation pump to avoid damaging the flow components of the pump.

2. During the installation process, the weight of the pipeline should not be borne by the pump, otherwise it may be easily damaged.

3. During the installation process, it is necessary to tighten the anchor bolts and regularly inspect the pump to prevent it from loosening and affecting pump performance due to vibration during startup.

4. The hot water circulation pump and multi-stage are integrated structures, which have been calibrated by the manufacturer before leaving the factory and do not require adjustment during installation; Therefore, installation is very convenient:

5. Before installing the pipeline, please rotate the rotor part of the water pump. There should be no friction or jamming. If any, immediately disassemble the pump to check the cause.

6. For the occasion of pumping head, a bottom valve should be equipped, and the inlet pipe elbow should not be too many, without water leakage or air leakage, to avoid affecting the pumping performance.

7. Prevent impurities from entering. If the flow path is blocked in the pump, a filter should be installed before the inlet.

8. For ease of maintenance and safe use, please install a regulating valve on the inlet and outlet pipelines of the pump, and install a pressure gauge near the inlet. For high lift pumps, to prevent water hammer, please install a check valve in front of the outlet gate valve. The check valve is designed to cope with sudden power outages and other power outage accidents, ensuring operation under better working conditions and extending its service life.

Tips for using hot water circulation pumps

1. After the installation of the hot water circulating pump is completed, plug in the power supply and test run for a few minutes to check whether the startup is normal. The idle time should not be too long to prevent affecting the service life of the bearing.

2. Before installing the water pump, ensure that there are no impurities in the pipeline, as any impurities may affect its use.

3. When used for the first time, air in the pump chamber will not have a boosting effect. After a week of continuous use, it should be vented once. The above is a summary and summary from the manufacturer of Shenpeng circulating pump.


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