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The two main functions of industrial and commercial energy storage water pumps: circulation and replenishment

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Industrial and commercial energy storage refers to the storage of energy in devices such as batteries and supercapacitors, in order to release it when needed, providing clean, efficient, and reliable energy services for industrial and commercial users. The structure of industrial and commercial energy storage systems can be divided into four main components: energy storage equipment, energy conversion equipment, control system, and monitoring system. The energy storage control system is divided into charging and discharging control, temperature control, fault diagnosis, and safety protection. This article focuses on the importance of the circulation and replenishment functions of energy storage water pumps for temperature control.

Energy storage temperature control refers to the process where energy storage equipment generates heat during charging and discharging, and the control system monitors and controls the temperature of the equipment to prevent overheating and damage. There are currently two methods for temperature control: liquid cooling technology and air cooling technology. In the industrial and commercial energy storage industry, liquid cooling technology has gradually become the mainstream solution and future development direction of energy storage systems. Liquid cooling technology can accurately manage the temperature of each cell, meeting the increasingly high thermal management requirements under large system capacity. Liquid cooling technology can achieve rapid development, and water pumps have become one of the key components.

Energy storage water pump

Application of water pumps in liquid cooling technology:

The application of energy storage water pumps in industrial and commercial energy storage temperature control mainly includes two major functions: circulation and liquid replenishment.

The circulating function of the water pump is mainly divided into: liquid circulation, circulating cooling, circulating heating, pressurization and transmission. It accurately flows the liquid through the energy storage unit and directs the liquid to the refrigeration and heating equipment to ensure that the energy storage temperature is controlled at the normal operating temperature. The summer weather is hot, and the temperature inside the energy storage equipment and the heat generated by various components increase. It is necessary to guide the liquid onto the refrigeration equipment for precise cooling. In winter, the weather is cold and the temperature inside the energy storage equipment is extremely low, which affects battery performance. Therefore, it is necessary to guide the liquid to the heating equipment for heating to ensure the normal working temperature inside the energy storage equipment. The efficient operation and adjustable flow of water pumps have a greater improvement in energy utilization efficiency for energy storage equipment with different capacities. The circulating water pump needs to be determined based on the scale, design parameters, and load heat generation of the energy storage system. Generally, larger capacity energy storage requires higher flow rate and head to ensure temperature balance inside the energy storage system.

Water pump replenishment function: The liquid operates efficiently under the circulation of the water pump, causing losses such as evaporation and leakage. At this time, the energy storage monitoring system detects a decrease in liquid, and the liquid level controller sends a replenishment signal to activate the replenishment function to replenish the liquid, ensuring the safety and temperature control effect of the energy storage equipment.

The rehydration pump needs to have fast and efficient rehydration ability, so the rehydration pump needs to have automation and precise control capabilities.

Automation capability refers to the communication function of the water pump, which can communicate with the energy storage control system. In the event of a loss of liquid, the control system provides a signal and the water pump performs fully automated liquid replenishment.

Precision control ability refers to the precise control of the water pump based on the instructions issued by the energy storage control system, to avoid excessive or insufficient fluid replenishment, which affects the energy storage temperature control effect.

How to choose an energy storage water pump?

1. Choose a water pump with stable performance, which can ensure the long-term normal operation of the energy storage liquid cooling system. There are many factors that determine the stability of the water pump performance, and the most important is the performance of internal electronic components. Shenpeng has strict requirements for supply chain control, and incoming materials must be screened and tested layer by layer before entering the next stage. It is precisely because of Shenpeng's rigorous work style that Shenpeng Water Pump has a good reputation in the industry.

2. Choose a water pump with a long lifespan, which means there is no need for frequent replacement and reduces maintenance costs for energy storage users. The service life of the energy storage water pumps produced by Shenpeng is over 30000 hours, and we demand ourselves to produce better water pumps that serve the energy storage industry, far exceeding industry standards.

3. Choosing a vehicle grade energy storage electronic water pump has better quality and performance. The Shenpeng P9007 and P9008 energy storage electronic water pumps can be used in various extremely harsh environments such as ambient temperature: -40~125 ℃, medium temperature: -40~120 ℃, and have passed the industry's extremely strict ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other system certifications, providing better quality and assurance.

4. Choosing a water pump production enterprise that has passed multiple certifications is more reassuring for external support. The products produced by Shenpeng have passed CE, ROHS, REACH, and TSCA certifications, and some products have obtained UL and FDA food grade certifications.

5. Choosing a water pump manufacturer to cooperate with large car companies will result in stricter control over all aspects of energy storage water pump production. Shenpeng officially entered the automotive field in 2011, and has successively cooperated with domestic large automobile enterprises such as Dongfeng, FAW, Shaanxi Automobile, BAIC, Zhengzhou Nissan, Geely, Chery, Ejett, BAIC, BYD, Changan Automobile, Great Wall Motor, Jiangling Motors, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Leadspace, and Hezhong.


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