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What is the function of automotive electric water pumps?

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The function of the automotive electric water pump is to pressurize the coolant and ensure its circulation in the cooling system. Generally speaking, automotive electric water pump allows the water to continuously circulate through various parts of the radiator engine block to carry away heat, ensuring that the engine does not overheat.

The function of the automotive electric water pump is to forcibly cool the engine oil at the turbine shaft after the engine shuts down. Automotive electric water pumps combine the advantages of self priming pumps and chemical pumps, using a variety of corrosion resistant imported materials to synthesize, with acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance performance; The self priming speed is extremely fast (about 1 second), the suction force is strong, the suction distance is up to 5 meters, and there is basically no noise. Exquisite workmanship, not only has a self priming function, but also has a large flow rate (up to 25 liters/minute), high pressure (up to 2.7 kilograms), stable performance, and convenient installation.

automotive electronic water pump

The working principle of the automotive electric water pump is as follows:

1. The circular motion of the motor causes the diaphragm inside the automotive electric water pump to reciprocate through a mechanical device, thereby compressing and stretching the air in the pump chamber (fixed volume);

2. Automotive electric water pump under the action of a one-way valve, a positive pressure is formed at the outlet (the actual output pressure is related to the assistance received by the pump outlet and the characteristics of the pump);

3. Automotive electric water pump a vacuum is formed at the water inlet, creating a pressure difference with the outside atmospheric pressure. Under the effect of pressure difference, the water pressure is introduced into the water inlet and then discharged from the water outlet;

4. Automotive electric water pump under the action of kinetic energy transmitted by the motor, water is continuously sucked in and discharged, forming a relatively stable flow rate.

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