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What is the water heater pump?

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Water heater pump refers to a water pump that acts on the water heater and can pressurize or circulate the water heater. It mainly consists of a motor, impeller, and water pump shell, and has the characteristics of low starting current, high pump efficiency, simple operation, stable and reliable operation, long service life, low noise, environmental protection and energy conservation. When the motor is powered on, the impeller will start to rotate, thereby driving water flow. The speed and flow of the impeller are proportional to each other, The faster the impeller speed, the greater the water flow rate. The function of the water pump casing is to seal the motor and impeller, prevent water from seeping into the interior of the motor, and ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Usually divided into two types: cyclic and pressurized. This mainly depends on its usage environment.

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Let's talk about the water heater pump. The water heater pump is divided into an external booster pump and a built-in booster pump.

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The external booster pump of the water heater refers to the water pump installed outside the water heater, because some cheap water heaters do not have a water pump installed. When the water pressure of the water pipe is low, the water output of the water heater without a water pump is very low, and the bathing experience is very poor. In response to the customer's pain point, an external water heater pump was developed to pressurize the water heater. The external water heater pump is usually 220v voltage. In recent years, users have paid more and more attention to environmental protection, energy saving and electricity safety. Follow-up companies are developing DC 12v or The 24v safe voltage water heater pump, the external DC water heater pump P6094 developed by Shenpeng, has high performance, small size and long service life. If you like it, click to view.

The built-in booster pump of the water heater refers to the water pump installed inside the water heater. When producing the water heater, the water heater manufacturer needs to communicate closely with the water pump manufacturer to select and test the type of the water pump to select the most suitable water pump, usually DC is selected. 12v, 24v or 36v water pumps, DC water pumps are characterized by safety, environmental protection and energy saving, small size and long life. Shenpeng is a professional manufacturer of water heater pumps and has a good reputation in the industry.

The water heater circulating water pump is mainly used in the zero cold water water heater, which is a new water heater product in recent years. Because every time the water heater is turned on in winter, the water heater must first heat the cold water, which requires a long waiting time ranging from several minutes to 10 minutes. Many users cannot stand this waiting time. The zero cold water water heater is the solution to this problem. One pain point, no need to wait, it can be used immediately. His principle is to use the water pump to circulate the hot water to other places that need water, and keep the temperature of the hot water area at all times, so as to achieve the purpose of instant use and solve the problem that customers are waiting for. trouble.

Advantages of Shenpeng water heater pump

1. Using a brushless motor, the efficiency is increased by 30% compared with an AC motor, and the power consumption is also safe.

2. Built-in smart chip, which can adjust flow and signal feedback, and adjust according to the needs of shower water flow and water temperature.

3. The 12V/24V/36V DC voltage matches the built-in power supply of the water heater, which can realize constant voltage and steady flow, which is not affected by the peak period of electricity consumption, and guarantees the water output and water pressure.

4. Under the same parameters, it has lower noise and better shower enjoyment than AC water pump.

5. Smaller size, 20,000 hours long life, improve the design space and quality reliability of the water heater.

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