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Principle and application of brushless DC water pump

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Brushless DC water pump is a machine that uses DC 4.5V~24V to drive the brushless motor, and the rotation of the brushless motor drives the rotation of the impeller, so that the pressure of the liquid is increased to achieve the function of transmitting the liquid.

Brushless DC water pumps can be divided into: brushless motor DC water pumps, brushless DC magnetic drive water pumps.

brushless DC water pump

The brushless DC magnetic drive water pump adopts electronic component commutation, without carbon brush commutation, and adopts high-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic bushing. The bushing is integrated with the magnet through injection molding to avoid wear, so there is no brush The service life of the DC magnetic water pump is greatly enhanced.

The stator part and the rotor part of the magnetically isolated water pump are completely isolated. The stator and the circuit board are potted with epoxy resin, 100% waterproof, the rotor part is made of permanent magnets, and the water pump body is made of environmentally friendly materials, low noise, small size, and performance stable. Various required parameters can be adjusted through the winding of the stator, and it can be operated at a wide voltage.

The brushless DC water pump has a long life and low noise below 35dB, which can be used for hot water circulation. The stator and circuit board of the motor are potted with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor. They can be installed underwater and are completely waterproof. The shaft of the pump adopts a high-performance ceramic shaft with high precision and good shock resistance.

The brushless DC water pump uses the principle of a permanent magnet brushless DC motor. An impeller is added to the rotor. The shell structure is designed as a cavity for centrifugal movement of the liquid. Because there is no carbon brush friction, no sparks are generated. ; High efficiency, low power consumption, longer life than brushed motors, and low noise.

Brushless DC pumps are mainly used in:

1. Water supply function. Such as: coffee machine, tea set, water heater/kettle, water dispenser/beverage machine, foot bath, irrigation system/equipment, etc.

2. Oil supply function, high efficiency and energy saving. Such as: various machine tools, refueling equipment, etc.

3. Heat dissipation and water circulation system. Such as: medical systems/equipment, automation equipment, electronic refrigerators, indoor and outdoor small fountains, solar fountains, aquarium fish tanks, hot and cold mattresses, cushions or nursing products, etc.

4. Drainage function. Such as: mobile air conditioning.

5. The application of brushless DC water pump in cleaning and flushing functions. Such as: washing glass system/equipment for various types of automobiles.

6. The automotive industry. It is used for cold start of automobile engine below minus 40 degrees in winter, heat dissipation of the antifreeze of fuel engine at high temperature of 120 degrees, and water cycle heat dissipation of electric vehicles and electric motorcycles.

How to choose the right brushless DC water pump:

When choosing a brushless DC pump, first determine the working voltage, current, head and flow, and the size of the caliber. The maximum head of the pump generally refers to the static head without water flow when the water is pumped to the maximum head. If the customer requires the water to be pumped to a certain level If the height is to maintain a certain water flow, the required lift when selecting the pump must be higher than the specified pumping height. This specific is determined by the supplier according to the actual situation. 

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