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Application of electronic DC water pump in water cooling cycle of electric vehicle engine

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Application of electronic DC water pump: SUV, micro face and other new energy vehicle motor and control system cooling cycle; 6~7M pure electric light bus motor and control system cooling; battery pack auxiliary heating and cooling cycle; engine intercooler water cooling cycle; 12KW Parking preheater water cycle; car parking heater water pump, preheater water pump, car warm air cycle, car engine cooling, car battery cooling, motorcycle electric water pump, etc.Standard car connection 20mm water inlet and outlet and professional waterproof terminal, the water pump can be quickly and effectively integrated into the car. Operating temperature of -40°C~160°C (104~320°F), even in extremely harsh environmental conditions, engine preheating and parking heater water pump can provide a highly efficient working environment for the car.

Features of automotive electronic dc water pump:

Low power consumption, long life, no leakage, temperature resistance -40-125 degrees. Automobile electronic dc water pump, parking heater water pump, preheater water pump, automobile heating circulation pump, automobile engine refrigeration pump, turbocharged electronic pump, battery circulation refrigeration pump, automobile heating system electronic pump, motorcycle electronic dc water pump, hybrid Power car electronic dc water pump, car electric water pump.

electronic DC water pump

Small knowledge of automobile water pump:

A water pump is installed at the upper water outlet of the engine, which is driven by the fan belt to pump out the hot water in the engine block water channel and pump in the cold water. There is also a thermostat next to the water pump. When the car is just started (cold car), it is not turned on, so that the cooling water does not pass through the water tank, but only circulates in the engine (commonly known as small cycle), until the temperature of the engine reaches 80 degrees or more. When the engine is turned on, the hot water in the engine is pumped into the water tank, and the cold wind when the car is moving forward blows through the water tank, taking away the heat, thereby playing the role of heat dissipation. (It's no wonder that no abnormal sound can be heard when the car is just started.) At present, centrifugal water pumps are widely used in automobile engines. Its basic structure is composed of water pump casing, connecting plate or pulley, water pump shaft and bearing or shaft bearing, water pump impeller and water seal device and other parts. (Abnormal noise comes from near the pulley)

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