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The difference between brushless water pump and brush water pump

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Definition of brushed motor:

DC motors are known for their good starting performance, speed regulation performance and other advantages. Among them, brushed DC motors belonging to the DC motor category use mechanical commutators, making the driving method simple. The motor is mainly composed of a stator made of permanent magnet materials, a rotor (armature) with coil windings, a commutator and brushes. As long as a certain amount of DC current is applied to both ends of the brushes A and B, the commutator of the motor will automatically change the direction of the magnetic field of the motor rotor, so that the rotor of the DC motor will continue to run.

Definition of brushless DC pump:

The brushless DC water pump replaces the mechanical commutator with an electronic commutator, so the brushless DC water pump not only has the characteristics of good speed control performance of the DC motor, but also has the simple structure of the AC motor, no commutation spark, reliable operation and easy maintenance Etc.

The brushless DC water pump is mainly composed of a rotor made of permanent magnet materials, a stator with coil windings and a position sensor (optional). It can be seen that it has a lot in common with a DC motor. The structure of the stator and the rotor are similar (the original stator becomes the rotor, and the rotor becomes the stator), and the winding connections are basically the same. However, they have an obvious difference in structure: the brushless DC pump does not have the commutator and brushes in the DC motor, instead it is a position sensor. In this way, the motor structure is relatively simple, which reduces the cost of manufacturing and maintenance of the motor, but the brushless DC pump cannot automatically commutate (phase), and the sacrifice is the increase in the cost of the motor controller (such as the same three-phase DC motor, there are The drive bridge of the brushed DC motor needs 4 power tubes, and the drive bridge of the brushless DC motor needs 6 power tubes).


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