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Features of 24v micro water pump

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24v micro water pump definition:

24v micro water pump refers to a micro water pump that uses a DC voltage of 24v. It has one inlet and one outlet . The working medium is generally clean water or liquid, and a small mechanical device.

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Features of 24v micro water pump:

1. Small size, can be installed in various equipment.

2. Safe and energy-saving. The 24v voltage is far lower than the safety voltage of the human body, so it is absolutely safe compared to 220v voltage. Because of the low voltage, the power consumption is small, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Long service life. The 24v micro water pump produced by Shenpeng Electronics has a service life of more than 20,000 hours.

4. High waterproof performance. Shenpeng Electronics produces 24v miniature water pumps, some of which have a waterproof rating as high as IP68.

The purpose of 24v micro water pump:

24v micro water pump is mainly used in water treatment, environmental protection, medical treatment, industrial control, scientific research laboratories, etc., can meet the needs of small size, low noise, low power consumption, etc., can be widely used in water circulation, cooling, lifting, transfer, pressurization, Spraying, spraying, water circulation, transportation and other purposes.

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