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What is a electric water pump


The water pump is an important component of the automobile engine cooling system, which is mainly responsible for driving the coolant circulation, absorbing the excess heat of the engine and transferring it to the outside air through the radiator to avoid excessive engine temperature. Too high engine temperature will reduce the lubricating capacity of the engine oil, leading to increased wear of the parts. High temperature to a certain value will lead to serious failures such as engine cylinder scuffing or bush burning, which will eventually lead to engine burning and scrapping.

electric water pump

The working principle of the electric water pump is as follows: The ECU (electric control unit) regulates the duty cycle through PWM (pulse width modulation) according to the feedback signals such as water temperature, and sends the signal to the controller inside the electric water pump. The controller controls the motor rotation according to the duty cycle, thus driving the impeller rotor to rotate, thus realizing the coolant circulation.

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