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The application of mini water pump in humidifier


Mini water pumps are very small sized pumps that can lift, transport, or increase the pressure of liquids. They have one inlet and one outlet, and water enters from the inlet and exits from the outlet. These pumps are called mini water pumps.

What is the role of the micro water pump?The micro water pump transports the water in the water tank to the atomizer. After the atomizer atomizes the water, it becomes a small water service through the atomizing nozzle, and it is sprayed into the air to achieve a humidification effect.

mini water pump

How to choose a humidifier water pump?

1. For customers, a good water pump means that it can increase the service life and increase the sense of experience.

2. For factories, a good pump means brand and quality.

Humidifiers are very familiar to everyone and are used in most homes. Humidifiers are a small household appliance that can increase the humidity in the room. It is self-evident that it is important for human health. The most suitable air relative humidity for the human body is About 40%-50%, the bacteria in the air have the shortest life span within this humidity range, the human skin will feel comfortable, and breathing will be even and normal. With the advancement of science and technology, the scope of application of humidifiers has become wider and wider, not only in homes, but also in public places such as offices, hospitals, and hotels.

Although we often see it in our daily lives, do you really understand the principle and function of humidifiers? Today, the editor of Shenpeng will come to understand with everyone: "The application of micro water pump in humidifier".

Where is the micro water pump installed in the humidifier?

Humidifiers generally include: water tanks, pumping pipes, bases, micro water pumps, controllers, atomizers, etc. The micro water pumps are located under the water tank, and one end of the pumping pipe and the return pipe is connected to the micro water pump.

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