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Which is better electric or mechanical water pump for automobile?

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The automobile water pump is an important component of the automobile engine cooling system, and its main function is to drive the coolant circulation, absorb the excess heat of the engine and transfer it to the external air through the heat dissipation device, to avoid the excessive temperature of the engine. Too high temperature of the engine will reduce the lubricating capacity of the engine oil, resulting in increased wear of the engine parts. High temperature to a certain value will cause serious faults such as cylinder pulling or tile burning of the engine, and eventually lead to the burning and scrapping of the engine.


Automobile water pump is divided into traditional mechanical water pump and electronic water pump. The traditional mechanical water pump works based on the engine speed, which leads to that even in cold start with low flow demand and low load and high speed conditions, it still needs a lot of power to drive. At this time, the cooling capacity provided is far greater than the cooling energy actually required by the engine, and it needs a lot of power to drive.


automobile water pump

In this way, a large part of the cooling capacity of the mechanical water pump is wasted, which will not only consume a lot of additional driving capacity, but also have a certain difference between the cooling effect and the actual needs of the engine, which will lead to a decline in the power and economy of the engine. The electronic water pump can precisely control the flow by cooling the demand of the device for coolant.


With the development of science and technology and the high requirements for fuel efficiency, more and more electronic water pumps are used in hybrid and new energy engines in the market.


Shenpeng electronic water pump is composed of pump housing, impeller, sealing ring, motor housing, electrical plug, motor assembly, bearing, rotor, controller, control base, rear cover, fixing bolt, etc., as shown in the figure.


 water pump for car

In addition to excellent structural design, the selection of appropriate materials is also crucial for the performance of electronic water pumps, which directly affects the normal operation of electronic water pumps. Polyphenylene sulfide PPS is the most commonly used material for components in the electronic water pump. It is a special engineering plastic with the highest cost performance. It has comprehensive properties such as high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and deformation resistance, excellent electrical performance, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant UL94V-O grade, excellent electrical insulation, hydrolysis resistance, etc. At the same time, the modified PPS gives it many characteristics such as high fluidity, high toughness, high wear resistance, high strength, resistance to freezing liquid, high CTI, low dielectric, etc, It ensures the reliability of the electronic water pump.


The shell of electronic water pump is required to have strong binding force with metal, antifreeze resistance, high strength, high melting line strength (to avoid product storage cracking), hydrolysis resistance, PPS material can meet its material requirements, injection molding, easy processing, and strong structural stability. The motor shell is made of high tenacity PPS material, which can achieve the effect of high power air leakage cracking improvement.


The impeller adopts PPS injection molding, which is characterized by high strength, flame resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness, stable size, long service life, etc. The pump rotor is molded by PPS injection molding, which is characterized by high wear resistance and high strength.


Because of its compact structure, convenient use, powerful function, long service life, stable performance, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and many other advantages, the electronic water pump is deeply favored by the industry.

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