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Use method of centrifugal water pump

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Centrifugal water pump works by centrifugal movement of water caused by impeller rotation. Before starting the water pump, the pump shell and suction pipe must be filled with water, and then the motor must be started to make the pump shaft drive the impeller and water to rotate at high speed. The water will be centrifugal and thrown to the outer edge of the impeller, and flow into the water pressure pipeline of the pump through the flow channel of the volute pump shell.

centrifugal water pump centrifugal water pump

The commissioning of the centrifugal water pump shall meet the following requirements:

① The steering of the driver shall be the same as that of the pump;

② Find out the direction of rotation of pipeline pump and coaxial pump;

③ Each fixed connection part shall be free of looseness, and the specification and quantity of lubricant applied to each lubricating part shall comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents;

④ Parts with pre-lubrication requirements shall be pre-lubricated as required;

⑤ All indicating instruments and safety protection devices shall be sensitive, accurate and reliable;

⑥ The turning gear shall be flexible without abnormal phenomenon;

⑦ The high-temperature pump body shall be preheated before the test run, and the temperature shall rise evenly, and the temperature rise shall not be greater than 50 ℃ per hour; The temperature difference between the pump body surface and the process pipe with working medium inlet shall not be greater than 40 ℃;

⑧ A connection device is set to eliminate the influence of temperature rise, and a bypass connection device is set to provide cooling water.

Pay attention to the following points when operating the centrifugal water pump:

① Do not operate without water, do not adjust the suction inlet to reduce the displacement, and do not operate under low flow;

② Monitor the operation process, completely prevent the leakage of the stuffing box, and use new packing when replacing the stuffing box;

③ Ensure that the mechanical seal has sufficient water flow for flushing, and it is forbidden to use excessive water flow for water-cooled bearings;

④ Do not use too much lubricant;

⑤ Check according to the recommended cycle. Establish operation records, including operation hours, adjustment and replacement of packing, lubricant addition and other maintenance measures and time. The suction and discharge pressure, flow, input power, temperature and vibration of the washing liquid and bearing of the centrifugal water pump should be measured and recorded regularly.

⑥ The main engine of the centrifugal water pump pumps water from low places to high places by atmospheric pressure, which can only support about 10.3m water column at most, so the main engine of the centrifugal water pump cannot work 12 meters away from the water surface.

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