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Shenpeng Electronics successfully held the 2022 Work Summary and 2023 Work Plan Business Meeting

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▲ Mr. Cheng Zuyi, General Manager, gave a final speech

With the change of time sequence, Huazhang is getting new, 2022 is about to pass, and a new 2023 is coming. In order to further unify ideas, clarify ideas, and define the goals and tasks of each department in 2023, on the afternoon of December 29, 2022, Shenzhen Peng Electronics held a 2022 work summary and 2023 work plan meeting. Heads of all departments gathered together to look back on the past and build the future.

At the beginning of the conference, Wang Shouyuan, the chairman of Shenpeng Electronics, made a work summary report for 2022, summarized and reviewed the company's annual business performance and the achievement of annual key work, and made an overall plan and overall deployment around Shenpeng's business objectives for 2023.

Chairman Wang Shouyuan pointed out that looking back on 2022, it was an extraordinary and difficult year, a year with heavy tasks, great difficulties and many tests. Although the overall environment is not satisfactory, the company's achievements compared with the same industry can not be ignored. We have gone through a year of pioneering and striving, and also created a year of breakthrough with many highlights. The plan summary meeting is to carefully sort out the work of the past year, summarize experience, grasp the key points, and scientifically deploy the 2023 work plan. Success is not an accident, it is the inevitable result of all kinds of factors, it is the accumulation of little by little, it is the persistence that starts with a single step, and I hope you can continue to work hard to create brilliance.

The meeting first heard the annual summary report of the heads of the financial center, conventional pump sales center, auto pump sales center, manufacturing center and other departments under the jurisdiction of Shenpeng Company. The heads of each department reviewed what achievements they had made in their work in the past year, reviewed what they learned from the failure cases, what changes and innovations they had made, and finally made the target planning and outlook for 2023. Through work summary, problem investigation and countermeasures research, we further strengthened our responsibility, and laid a solid foundation for our work plan in 2023 and the achievement of the company's strategy.

Near the end of the meeting, General Manager Cheng Zuyi made a comprehensive summary of the company's strategic objectives in 2022 and made a detailed plan for the overall strategic objectives in 2023. At the same time, they also affirmed the efforts and achievements of each responsible person in this year's work, and placed new expectations and new requirements on everyone.

Years witness growth, and time is forever engraved. 2023 will be another year full of challenges and struggle; Looking forward to 2023, Shenzhen Peng Electronics will follow the firm footprints of past development, make persistent efforts, work hand in hand, and create a new chapter with the spirit of continuous struggle


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