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Development Trend of Engine Cooling Water Pump

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From the performance of the engine cooling water pump,This article reviews the relevant research achievements in recent years in three aspects: cavitation performance and reliability. It looks forward to the development and trend of engine cooling water pump technology research, and proposes further research content and directions in the future: based on PIV technology, study the internal flow law of engine cooling water pump, establish the relationship between pump internal flow characteristics and external characteristics; Master the cavitation mechanism under the thermodynamic effect of engine cooling water pumps, explore the harm of pressure pulsation induced by cavitation, and further improve the performance and reliability of engine cooling water pumps; Pay attention to the standardization, modularization and serialization development of engine cooling water pump parts, build the development mode of "Internet plus auto water pump standard parts", and realize the intelligent, controllable and efficient operation of engine cooling water pump.

Engine Cooling Water Pump

With the improvement of engine matching requirements and the continuous expansion of application fields, the frequency of special operating conditions is increasing, and the requirements for engine cooling water pump technology are also increasing. How to continuously improve the efficiency of engine cooling water pump, expand its operating range, and ensure its reliability under space constraints, high temperature, and variable speed operating conditions are key issues that need to be studied and resolved.

1. Development and application direction of engine cooling water pump towards intelligent and controllable electric water pump.

The traditional centrifugal engine cooling water pump often works in non design conditions, and its efficiency is very low. A new type of vane rotary pump (SVRP). This type of pump has very low efficiency sensitivity. Therefore, it is suitable for the application of engines under variable speed conditions and greatly improves the pump efficiency. In the electric cooling system developed, in addition to replacing the traditional mechanical cooling water pump with the electric cooling water pump, the traditional thermostat is also replaced with the electric intelligent thermostat, and the corresponding optimization control strategy for these electric components is developed. Under the same configuration and cooling requirements, the energy consumption of electric water pump is only 16% of that of mechanical water pump. Even considering that the conversion efficiency of electric energy is only 1/2 of that of mechanical energy, the energy consumption of the whole cooling system can still be reduced by about 2/3, with obvious advantages.

The engine cooling water pump adopts an electronically controlled cooling water pump instead of a traditional mechanical water pump.Through the comparative analysis of tests and simulations, it is found that by controlling the speed of the water pump and improving the efficiency of the electric control water pump, the power consumption is reduced by more than 87%. If the speed of the engine cooling water pump is increased to the maximum value, the radiator size can be reduced by more than 27%, which has great potential to improve the engine performance and fuel economy. The electric water pump realizes the separation of the water pump and the engine block, is not affected by the current engine speed, and is only controlled according to the actual cooling demand of the engine to achieve automatic speed regulation. Electric water pump reduces heat transfer loss and mechanical loss, reduces fuel consumption, and is used more and more widely.

2. Standardization, modularization and serialization of engine cooling water pump parts

Due to the limited working space and complex structure, it is very difficult to disassemble and repair the engine cooling water pump. On the premise of meeting the functional requirements, the components shall be simple in structure and easy to manufacture. Standardization, modularization and serialization of engine cooling water pump parts will greatly shorten the design cycle, reduce production costs and improve the universality of parts.


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