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How are pumps classified?

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There are many types of pumps, which can be divided into: power pump, also known as impeller pump or vane pump. Positive displacement pump depends on the periodic change of the volume of the sealed working space containing liquid. Other types of pumps transfer energy in other forms.

Power pump, also called impeller pump or vane pump, fire pump relies on the dynamic action of the rotating impeller on the liquid, the submerged pump continuously transmits energy to the liquid, so that the kinetic energy (mainly) and pressure energy of the liquid are increased Then, the kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy through the pressure-out chamber, which can be divided into centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, partial flow pump and vortex pump.

Positive displacement pumps, relying on the periodic change of the volume of the sealed working space containing the liquid, transfer energy to the liquid periodically, so that the pressure of the liquid is increased to force the liquid to be discharged, and can be divided into reciprocating pumps according to the movement form of the working element And rotary pump.

classification of pumps

Other types of pumps transfer energy in other forms. For example, the jet pump relies on high-speed injection of working fluid to suck the fluid to be transported into the pump and mix, exchange momentum to transfer energy; diaphragm pump water hammer pump uses part of the water flowing during braking to be raised to a certain height to transfer energy; electromagnetic pump It is to make the energized liquid metal flow under the action of electromagnetic force to realize the transportation. In addition, pumps can also be classified according to the nature, driving method, structure, and use of the conveying liquid.

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