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How to choose the pump flow rate of the laser chiller?

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Ecently, customers often ask how to choose the pump parameters when purchasing laser chiller pumps. Is the larger the flow, the better? Everyone knows that the two coefficients of the water flow and head of the chiller are often inseparable from the flow and head of the pump. In fact, in the selection method of the laser chiller, many friends pay more attention to the choice of the water flow and head of the chiller, because this will directly affect the stable operation of the laser chiller in the future. Regarding the size of the pump flow of the laser chiller, is it better to be larger or smaller?

1. The pump flow is too small:

The direct effect of the water pump flow being too small is that the heat cannot be quickly taken out from the equipment to be cooled, causing the temperature of the equipment to be cooled to rise. And because the cooling water flow rate is not fast enough, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet becomes larger, and the surface temperature of the temperature-controlled equipment has a large difference.

2. The pump flow rate is too large:

Many users blindly pursue the flow of water pumps, thinking that a large flow of water pumps will make the chiller have a good cooling effect and a large cooling capacity, which can meet the cooling requirements. In fact, it is not the case. Matching the cooling water circulating pump is bound to increase the equipment cost of the industrial chiller , And operating costs, such as electricity bills, will increase. Excessive cooling water flow and pressure will increase the resistance of the water flow pipe and cause unnecessary energy consumption, reduce the service life of the cooling water circulation pump, and may cause many other failures. .

In summary, we can see that it is not good for the pump flow of the laser chiller to be too large or too small, but just suitable. In fact, any item is the same, and the chiller is no exception. Different use environments, different uses, and of course the requirements for equipment parameters are also different. Only those that meet your needs are suitable. Therefore, if the pump flow of the laser chiller is too large or too small, it will have a certain impact on the operation. Choose the right one, it's definitely right!


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