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Shenpeng takes you to understand what is a micro high-pressure water pump

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Definition of micro high pressure water pump:

 - The high-pressure micro-pump simply refers to a micro-pump with high pressure, which is driven by compressed air and used to pressurize water, oil, emulsion and other media. Because of its small size and high pressure, it is mainly used in water treatment, liquid sampling, scientific research, instrumentation, chemical analysis, medical care, medicine and hygiene, bioengineering, automatic control, environmental protection and many other fields. It is often used in pressurization, test Pressure, blasting, spraying, etc. 

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Features of micro high-pressure water pump:

1.Ultra-high pressure (11kg, 1.1Mpa), large flow (5L/MIN), high suction lift (1m), and low noise.

2. It has dual automatic protection switches for over-voltage and over-heating. When the output pressure exceeds the maximum pressure, it will automatically shut down for protection; when the temperature is too high, it will automatically protect. Two kinds of interfaces can be connected to soft and hard pipes respectively.

3. Integrating the advantages of self-priming pumps and chemical pumps, using a variety of corrosion-resistant imported materials, with acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance. The pump body is separated from the motor, and the working medium does not contact the motor. There are no mechanical parts in the pump body, and there is no mechanical wear.

4. Flexible application, with many models to choose from.

5. The operation is stable, can be idling, and the service life is extremely long.

6. Exquisite workmanship, small size, light weight, stable performance, and convenient installation.

7. Purpose: Suitable for various occasions such as liquid spraying, spraying, washing, irrigation, showering, transfer, lifting, cleaning, etc.


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