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Shenpeng pumps escort 5G base stations

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As of the end of March 2021, China has built 819,000 5G base stations, accounting for more than 70% of the world's total 5G base stations, and more than 280 million 5G terminal access devices. 5G base station water pump.

With the advent of the 5G era, people’s demand for data traffic has continued to soar, network load has increased significantly, and base station power consumption and equipment heat dissipation problems have also become severe. Facing the increasingly "hot" base station, how should we cool it down?

In the communication network, about 80% of the energy consumption comes from the base station, and the refrigeration system in the base station is the real big consumer of electricity. The base station is responsible for processing and transmitting massive amounts of data, and a lot of waste heat will be generated during the data processing. In order to ensure that the equipment runs at a constant temperature and does not shut down due to excessive temperature, the refrigeration system must continuously cool the base station. 

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The traditional cooling method of base station adopts air-conditioning cooling method, which belongs to air-cooled cooling. This method has obvious disadvantages and can achieve precise temperature control. In a high heat density environment, any error or any temperature and humidity imbalance will cause problems. It may lead to data system damage or data loss in a very short time. Once these problems occur, the subsequent maintenance and compensation costs are extremely high, so the base station needs a more accurate cooling system.

With the continuous upgrading of technology, liquid-cooled base station technology is also conceived. The working principle of this liquid-cooled cooling method is: the use of heat pipes equipped with coolant to directly cool electronic equipment; after the coolant absorbs heat, the liquid The temperature rises, through the action of the circulating water pump, the cooling liquid is transported to other places for cooling, and the cooled cooling liquid is re-transported to cool the electronic equipment, so that the temperature of the base station equipment is continuously reduced. This cooling method can achieve precise cooling and reduce energy consumption.

How strong is the Shenpeng pump?

The water pump produced by Shenpeng Electronics is suitable for most of the 5G base station needs on the market. It adopts the latest technology. It is not only small in size, low in noise, high in head, large in flow, etc., it can meet more than 40,000 hours through the continuous work of 2 sets of water pumps. The continuous working time of 5G can escort the 5G base station.


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