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Zero cold water heater circulating pump

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After a busy day, the body is basically overdrawn by more than half. At this time, when you come home, if you can take a hot bath, you can not only decompress, but also recover. But when you turn on the water heater, you will have to wait for a while. Interest will suddenly weaken by more than half. Is there a bathing artifact that can produce a water heater without waiting? The answer is of course, you only need to install a zero cold water heater to completely solve these troubles. Many people may think that the same water heater is different from other water heaters.


Let's talk about the principle inside:

The zero cold water heater has a built-in hot water circulating pump, which is mainly for the cold water in the hot water pipe. Before we use water, the circulating pump is started, and the hot water in the water heater is pumped into the pipe. The cold water in the pipe is driven by the hot water (circulating pump) to re-enter the water heater—there is nothing in the hot water pipe. With cold water, the result is "hot water when you open the faucet". This is the principle of the zero cold water heater. The core part is the function of the circulating pump.

water heater circulating pump

After knowing the principle of zero-cold water heater, how can we find a good zero-cold water heater circulating pump? Here we recommend the zero-cold water heater circulating pump produced by Shenpeng Electronics. 

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