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Working principle of screw pump

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The screw pump relies on the change of the pump cavity volume when the screw rotates to suck and transport water. There are single-screw, twin-screw and multi-screw types.

The single-screw pump is a single-screw transport pump. Its main working parts are the eccentric screw screw (called the rotor) and the screw bushing (called the stator) with a double helix on the inner surface.

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A single screw pump is used in agriculture, and its pump cavity is composed of a steel screw and a rubber sleeve fixed in the pump casing. The single-pitch screw rotates in the sleeve with the double-pitch internal spiral, and the cavity formed between the two moves from the suction end to the outlet end, thereby forming a continuous water flow. Because of its simple structure, small size, easy disassembly and assembly, reliable work, and good self-priming performance, it is mostly used in mobile sprinkler irrigation systems.

The twin screw pump is an externally intermeshing screw pump, which uses two intermeshing and non-contacting screws to pump liquid. The driving screw with one end of the twin-screw pump protruding out of the pump is driven by the prime mover. The driving screw and the driven screw have threads with different rotation directions. The screw is closely attached to the pump body. The driven screw is driven by the driving screw through a synchronous gear. . The suction chamber in the pump should be closely separated from the discharge chamber. Therefore, the outer surface of the pump body and the screw and the gap between the screw and the screw should be as small as possible. At the same time, the screw and the pump body and the screw and the screw form a sealed cavity each other to ensure Airtight, otherwise there may be liquid flowing back from the gap.

Twin screw pumps are often suitable for the transmission of lubricating oil, grease, crude oil, asphalt, fuel oil and other high viscosity oils.

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